• Yule_Mlo1est

    lol…dibs made me remember how i met your mother esp barney, Sorry my dia shit happens samtyms, both of you nid to grow up and move on with your lives…

  • ras

    let your hubby take your friend as his mpango wa kando as you lied to him

  • Jupiters Cock

    You can take this to *Nina’s maternity ward…. He has already tapped that.

  • just because you got what you wanted doesnt mean he also got what he wanted a price you have to live with unfortunately i think you should have just kept the fact that you lied hidden

  • Vince

    well this one a tight one..but if at all you value relationships and value what lies deep in people’s hearts,just as you did with yours, i believe you will know what to do plus if you put your selfishness aside.

  • you made a mistake telling your hubby the truth !!

  • onetwo

    the end justifies the means, sio? Well I say what goes round comes around. This is what you get out of selfisheness and being insecure. You were so selfish wanted the jamaa for yourselef to the point of lying to your roomie as well as the jamaa himselef and now he knows you hid the info from him. Maybe if you were a little selfless and both competed the jamaa would have made his choice between teh two of you lakini sasa thats water under the bridge.

    You just garra resign yourself to the fact that its a matter of time before the inevitable happens. Maybe you should just have a candid talk all 3 of you, then ask forgiveness from the two for having lied to them and let it all pass. You have your hubby she has her hubby and life goes on

  • mwane

    thats gonna be ya habby”s side kick,enjoy the ride.

  • Silver

    On the real, this is a ticking time bomb. Were you selfish? yes; you made a mistake? yes! However that was some 10 years ago. It’s apparent that if you knew then what you know now, you’d have done things somewhat differently. The thing with guys is that they’re drawn, like a moth to a flame, even more so to that which is forbidden (a decade is a loong time to be pining after someone). Don’t fool yourself either – you’re friend is not oblivious to your husband’s admiration/lust of her. The thing with today’s society is that we’re so caught up in saving face, wondering what people will say.. the matter needs to be addressed. Forget other people – everyone has baggage! You need to put on your big girl pants and just deal. You’re older, more mature, wiser so you can find the strength within yourself to do the right thing for your marriage (councelling/prayer/both!) communication is so not over rated. Ignoring it will just make it fester. After all is said and done, your conscience needs to clear that you’ve done all you could to make right the situation.. and who knows, if he’s not your soul mate then why put yourself through the agony? For how long?! And your child?! Kids these days are terrifyingly perceptive; they see it all. Perhaps even more than you do. You’re still young and if your marriage, after everything, does not survive this at least ensure you have your dignity intact; it need not get ugly. There are plent of fish in the sea – cliché but true.

  • kiqie

    i feel it 4 u but then it may not happen now but it may come to happen later….