• LOL! Word!! I know the feeling… in the end its just the same kind of competition as would be with a gal pal who wants your man…and if it gets to that point – where boundaries are no longer respected – then you need to have a LONG har heart-to-heart with your friend, gay or not! If anotherperson(in this case ur bf) can come into the picture and your pal’s loyalty is shifted, then you may have no business being friends after all.
    On another note, what if your bf really IS gay? Is it possible that micheky may actually know something you don’t? Do you really want to be with a man who is on the down-low??? Before cutting off your friendship, you may want to investigate that possibility further….’coz that IS a possibility! 😉

  • Sarah

    my dear anyone who is interested in your boyfriend be it a woman or a man he is the ENEMY. are you sure you boyfriend is straight. i wish you well.


  • onetwo

    hehehe does your boyfie know your bff is gay?

  • Tyra J.

    Hmmm… this seems a bit odd to me. I’m a “Hag” with tons of gay best friends and they have never come onto my boyfriend/soon-to-be-husband because he is straight. It appears to me that your boyfriend could be gay! Everyone knows that gay men don’t come after someone unless they are sure that the feelings could be reciprocated. Check your man boo!

  • LOL your bf is gay ! aha!