Kenya trains with Fiji


NAIROBI, Kenya April 1 – Fiji may have beaten Kenya in the semifinal of the Hong Kong Sevens last weekend but the two teams are still friends.

RUGBYPredicting a tough tussle in Pool D which has South Africa, Japan and Coos Islands, it is Fiji Kenya turned to for a friendly match on Wednesday as they tuned up for the Adelaide Sevens.

Kenya plays Japan in the opening match on Friday in this very physical pool before meeting Cook Islands and South Africa on Saturday.

The friendly match against Fiji went well with Kenya testing their open play and defence.

“It was worthwhile and we learnt valuable lessons why they beat us in Hong Kong,” commented coach Benjamin Ayimba. Just like they did in Hong Kong, it was Kenya who dictated the pace during the match.

On Thursday, Kenya will have a feel of the match venue during the captain’s run from 2 pm (Adelaide time).

Innocent Simiyu whose two tries knocked out New Zealand in the quarter final of the Hong Kong Sevens was looking forward to the kick off. He attributed the win to team work.

“We played well and the results favoured us against a very strong New Zealand side,” the former Kenya captain said.

Another player, Victor Oduor believed that Kenya were ready to have another good weekend. “No game is easy but we will take it one game at a time and ensure good results,” the Mwamba forward said.

Kenya and Japan last met in Adelaide on April 7, 2008 with Kenya winning 22-12.

The teams have met three times with Kenya winning all. Kenya and Japan first met on October 10, 1999 and Kenya narrowly won 19-17.

Friday: 1 Kenya v Japan (10 am), 2 South Africa v Cook Islands (10.22), 3 USA v Tonga (10.44), 4 New Zealand v Wales (11.06), 5 Fiji v Scotland (11.28), 6 Argentina v France (11.50), 7 Samoa v Portugal (12.12), 8 England v Australia (12.34)

Saturday: 9 New Zealand v Tonga (4.45 am), 10 USA v Wales (5.07), 11 England v Portugal (5.29), 12 Samoa v Australia (5.51), 13 Argentina v Scotland (6.13), 14 Fiji v France (6.35), 15 South Africa v Japan (6.57), 16 Kenya v Cook Islands (7.19), 17 Wales v Tonga (7.36), 18 Australia v Portugal (8.18), 19 France v Scotland (8.40), 20 Cook Islands v Japan (9.02), 21 England v Samoa (9.34), 22 Argentina v Fiji (9.56), 23 New Zealand v USA (10.18), 24 South Africa v Kenya (10.40).

Bowl quarter finals: 25 A3 v B4 (3.08), 26 D3 v C4 (3.30), 27 C3 v D4 (3.52), 28 B3 v A4 (4.14).

Cup quarter finals: 29 A1 v B2 (4.36), 30 D1 v C2 (4.58), 31 C1 v D2 (5.20), 32 B1 v A2 (5.22).

Shield semi-final: 33 Loser 25 v Loser 26 (6.14), 34 Loser 27 v Loser 28 (6.36).

Bowl semi-final: 35 Winner 25 v Winner 26 (6.58), 36 Winner 27 v Winner 28.

Plate semi-final: 37 Loser 29 v Loser 30 (7.42), 38 Loser 31 v Loser 32 (8.02).

Cup semi-final: 39 Winner 29 v Winner 30 (8.24), 40 Winner 31 v Winner 32 (8.46).

Shield final (9.20), Bowl Final (9.50), Plate final (10.20). Cup final (10.50)