• who wudn love this ts intriguing ,captivating n towtaly awsme………..love <3

  • Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to sit through the movie!

  • Mission impossible is total bliss! With Tom Cruise on board top acting is guaranteed.Love it mostly because there is a lot of bomb blast, blasting of Lamborghini, but the thing is there is not much on
    Hi- tech gadget, but the movie really rocks. I like the first copper
    chasing scene, it is really awesome!

  • Mbugua patrick

    my impossible mission now is to win that ticket and take a girl who’s proving to be impossible kuingia box.i hope the imposiible movie will make that impossibility possible

  • Love that you can never think you know the plot. The actors are top notch and the movie plot keeps you on the edge of your seat. I want to see how Paula Patton does in this role! I am syked beyond….

  • just love how the mission starts out as impossible but ends up being possible in the end

  • Anonymous

    I love how this message will self-destruct in 5  4  3  2…

  • Your mission, should you choose to accept it… ( as if Ethan Hunt ever has a choice)

  • The action,i totally love the action,would love to see the behind the scenes.And who does not love Tom Cruise and this one looks even more promising

  • Joewa3

    love the setting of the movie, the story line…and advanced technology

  • Gikonyo82

    The movie say’s it all it will be an mission impossible combine with adventure, sexy women and fast cars…

    the trailer shows it all.. and the theme song..is awesome..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XAYhNHhxN0A

  • Murtaza

    I love the theme music…. its timeless

  • The bridge scene in mission impossible 3 was insane!!!!

  • Nelly Ipali

    i love the technological fanfare which has advanced ,costly and imaginative From temperature -sensitive control rooms and  epoxy chewing gum explosives.“super-high-tech” password codes readers and oh-so-practical window-cutting lasers e.t.c.

  • Daviekirush

    I just love the way Tom Criuse has nine lives..how on earth does the guy stay alive after all that drama??

  • Daviekirush

    The back ground theme instrumental..

  • Richard Otene

    the sounds are super-pub and the short preview

  • Marginjeru

    The high energy, technology and stunts that run from start till end, keeps one on the edge!

  • Benmfyam

    the stunts that tom does,the technology n a bit of suspense..

  • The stunning performance by the cast esp Tom cruise, the missions themselves were truly worryfying like the part where that sweatdrop almost triggers the alarm thanks to Hunt. The tension throughout the movie, the suspense..I guess i love everything…Ooh n definitely the cars.

  • Mission Impossible theme song

  • Kennyst88

    i love the impossibilities turning to possible