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  1. Mission impossible is total bliss! With Tom Cruise on board top acting is guaranteed.Love it mostly because there is a lot of bomb blast, blasting of Lamborghini, but the thing is there is not much on
    Hi- tech gadget, but the movie really rocks. I like the first copper
    chasing scene, it is really awesome!

  2. my impossible mission now is to win that ticket and take a girl who’s proving to be impossible kuingia box.i hope the imposiible movie will make that impossibility possible

  3. Love that you can never think you know the plot. The actors are top notch and the movie plot keeps you on the edge of your seat. I want to see how Paula Patton does in this role! I am syked beyond….

  4. i love the technological fanfare which has advanced ,costly and imaginative From temperature -sensitive control rooms and  epoxy chewing gum explosives.“super-high-tech” password codes readers and oh-so-practical window-cutting lasers e.t.c.

  5. The stunning performance by the cast esp Tom cruise, the missions themselves were truly worryfying like the part where that sweatdrop almost triggers the alarm thanks to Hunt. The tension throughout the movie, the suspense..I guess i love everything…Ooh n definitely the cars.

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