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Asif handed one-year IPL ban

NEW DELHI, February 11 – Pakistan fast bowler Mohammad Asif was on Wednesday slapped with a one-year ban from the Indian Premier League for failing a dope test during last year's inaugural tournament.

MOHAMMED_ASIFAsif, 26, tested positive for the banned steroid nandrolone during the opening season of the Twenty20 tournament in 2008, in which he turned out for the Delhi Daredevils franchise.

The bowler, who is currently suspended from playing official cricket by the Pakistan Cricket Board, will not be allowed to take part in the second edition of the lucrative tournament in April-May.

The ban means little since Asif himself sought release from his franchise last month even as the Pakistan government refused permission for its players to play in the IPL this year for security reasons.

A release from the IPL Drugs Tribunal said Asif’s ban runs from September 22, 2008 for a year.

"The year’s ineligibility for Mohammad Asif will be from September 22, 2008 as that was the date when the Indian Premier League had imposed the suspension order," the release said.

Asif told the tribunal last month that his nandrolone levels had been enhanced by the use of eye drops which contained the substance.

The tribunal comprised former Indian captain Sunil Gavaskar, lawyer Shirish Gupte and medical specialist Ravi Bapat.

Asif was detained at Dubai airport for 19 days last June after 0.24 grams of opium were found in his wallet. After being deported to Pakistan, he was told he had also failed the IPL test.

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The talented seamer has taken 51 wickets in 11 Tests, 36 wickets in 31 one-dayers and 12 wickets in nine Twenty20 internationals since his debut in 2005.

He has not represented Pakistan in official cricket since April last year.

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  1. Kwessi Pratt

    October 8, 2012 at 8:07 am

    I seem to entirely agree with your argument. However, you are pinning down TNA alone when the master of tribalism lays with Odm. The party is the one that started referring to tribal numbers as national political support. It also made sure that whoever was opposed to its leader in Nyanza was put in a bottle. All that amounted to bringing tribalism on the national political table. You also remember that the party is in the habit of universally accusing communities of committing crimes that are supposedly committed by individual members. Its not strange to hear Odm party officials saying this or that tribe has no stand. Meaning that individual has refused to support Odm.

    Kenyan is faced with alot of security challenges and our politicians can do us proud if they campaigned together. Or at least, showed the public that election is no more than friendly match. Infact, hatred driven by tribal campaigns would quickly dissipate. The country is not getting anything at all from tribal defections. We need to turn the country in to island of peace that it used to be by engaging in unity of purpose. Terminologies like two horse race, thats meant to exclude majority of Kenyans from political equation, should be discarded forthwith. Indeed, talk of fictitious opposition to new constitution thats purely meant to divide the people should be avoided. For no single Kenyan was opposed to the law. Referendum was simply about when amemdments were to be effected for 25% of the document thats not agreeable. Otherwise, Kenyans embraced it without question.

    If the likes of PM Raila could stop tribal politics and pursue positive issues, we would surely have a better country. And if media houses ignored tribal talk, we would be heading in right direction. If we stopped parading this talk of joint thievery of national resources in the name of tribal numbers, we would be walking on the path of peace. And if brother Uhuru was to move from village defections to real issues, Kenya would be taking a huge leap towards peace. We should all take deliberate collective action towards collective peace. We need to insist on issues and issues alone during campaigns.

  2. Sky Duke

    October 8, 2012 at 8:23 am

    it’s quite reasonable arguement not just blame the nation educate it does better sir

  3. doreen

    October 8, 2012 at 1:00 pm

    Your document makes sense..pratt here can’t comprehend!

    • Kwessi Pratt

      October 9, 2012 at 12:00 pm

      @doreen: How about if do the comprehension for me?

  4. AverageKenyan

    October 13, 2012 at 9:38 am

    Yes indeed we have slowly regrouped into our tribal cocoons , God was not selfish when he created different creatures. Human beings like things uniform, that is why we have social classes and castes , paupers and the rich, we have successfully chaperoned ourselves into certain stereotypes .

    The worst thing about us Kenyans is that we are overtly forgetful its getting clearer that indeed we never learnt from the 2007-2008 bad season and if we cannot respect our own origins or ethnicities (of-course we can never change that) i.e. respect customs and mantras of each of our 42 tribes , then instead of voting on the basis of tribe, we ought to looks at the policies and individual performance vis a vis tribe.

    we have a long way to go if we cannot look past our tribes, Americans vote for values in systems , we vote for “mtu wetu” . and shamelessly we are the teachers of our politicians, they tell us what we want to hear, they have been trained by the best (wanjiku) .

    So before we go into elections we must remember the cordial relationships that we have in our offices and neighbourhoods and seriously consider if we want to loose that. No office is made up of one tribe, nor is the neighbourhood, you don’t board a bus or the train with your village neither do you retire to your village in the evening, when you go to Kencom, you don’t meet your village-mates .

    I mean we have all come to Nairobi and all those other cities to hustle , to eke a living and we do so with people from all walks of life, the people who come to your harambee’s are Kenyans, the people who come to your baby shower are your friends and most obviously from all over Kenyan, they are your current siblings.

    Let us consider these beautiful relationships and if we want to loose them because Kura ni ya mtu wetu. Kenya is a blessed nation with 42 beautiful tribes, an amazing Mosaic that the world celebrates, except Kenyans themselves, what’s with the selfishness ? Lets choose leaders out of the values the endow and not from the huge numbers he/she can bring to the table. We are not sheep or goods to be barter traded. come on!!!

    • Kwessi Pratt

      October 15, 2012 at 1:44 pm

      @Averagekenyan: Indeed thats the way to go. The problem is not the average Kenyan, its the guy who claims he has numbers, tribal numbers and then sells that to us. What these guys are telling us is that few tribesmen means keep away from the presidency! You can see the overwhelming stupidity in it. A national leader cant be driven by tribal numbers. Real leaders are driven and sustained by ideas! Is brother Uhuru armed with ideas? How about PM Raila? Surely, parables and football antics are not ideas! Thats why I support brother VP Kalonzo Musyoka. At least, he has some ideas and achievements that can be displayed. He has also refused to corrupt himself. Scandals have never found their way to his offices. And surprisingly, none of these tribalists acknowledge that! If PM Raila was as clean as VP Kalonzo Musyoka, can you imagine the sort of image that would have been presented to Kenyans? I dont think Churchill, chairman Mao, Nelson Mandela, etc, would have even matched his status! And take in to account the fact that Raila has hopelessly lied to build a political career on quicksand. However, brother VP Musyoka remains as humble as ever! Because of that, evil men have used all tricks in the book to throw mud at him in every turn. But the VP remains as diplomatic as ever! Its not even hard to hear his critics saying that he is not made for Kenyan politics. Meaning he has refused to steal or go for usual scandals! And forgetting that the VP with his humility, moved from inhospital poverty to top leadership. With his feat, just imagine where he would be by now if he found everything sewn for him like brother Uhuru or PM Raila? Kalonzo is the right man for this country!

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