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We all want to be trending. To be the hot topic. To be cool along with all those awesome acronyms that we like to be associated with. That’s why you probably clicked on this link. Because you want to know what you are doing wrong on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Why are you not getting the likes you deserve?

You wan’t to get likes on that picture you posted. I mean, it’s perfect! Admit it. Plus it’s #NoFilter. You keep checking your notifications to see what your friends will think about your update. You have read the update for the umpteenth time and you can’t believe how creative you are. It’s legendary! The little red icon on your browser is like a drug. You keep refreshing the page to see if new notifications will pop up. Oh the madness!

As a like and comments junkie myself, we are in the same boat. And I know what I’m doing wrong. I’m pretty sure if you are like me, you are also failing at this one thing. Well, today is your lucky day because we shall get to the bottom of this issue. You ready?

It’s pretty simple, what you and I are doing is looking for acceptance where we shouldn’t be. That’s it.

That’s the problem. Whether you shake your head in denial or close this window in disagreement, that is the fundamental problem. We all want to be loved, accepted and appreciated. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that because God made us that way. However, where we look for this love, appreciation and acceptance is what matters. That’s where the problem arises. Some look for it in drugs, others in sex and you and I are looking for it on social media. Lecrae summed it up quite beautifully when he stated, “If you live for people’s acceptance, you will die from their rejection”. I realise how deeply rooted this problem is in me because even as I write this, part of me really hopes that this article will trend. #smh

This is probably not the answer that you were looking for. I didn’t give you a five step technique that will ensure you go viral… or at least bacterial. Sorry. But what you need is to find acceptance in God, for his acceptance is what truly satisfies. The number of likes and faves that you want will never ever satisfy you. You will always want more. Here is a song by V Rose that can help you as it is helping me drum in the truth that we need.

1 John 2:17 (NIV)
“The world and its desires pass away, but whoever does the will of God lives forever.”

8 thoughts on “Why you are not trending”

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  2. Thanks CS for an excellent rebuttal.You are always so thorough in your work and we sincerely believe you and know that you will take this country places. Anyway my point of concern is that it is too early in our development process to talk about huge wage bill in civil service since we are not there yet. As we move to the next phase of our development process, there is need to produce more to support the development process. Look at history especially the countries that have developed and see the trend in their wage bill. Comparing Kenya to Tanzania, Uganda and Ghana is comletely missing the point. My sincere believe as an Economist who is well versed in development issues is that we need to improve our productivity levels and redploy where necesary to areas where there are shortages and with high impact on development. Kenya can generate more revenue from taxes and other sources that can support the wage bill and development projects. let us come up with innovative ideas to grow the economy, create wealth and jobs to our people. Opportunities exist in various areas including PPPs, agriculture, service industry, manufacturing, jua kali, SMEs and value addtion activities, among others. Retrenchment will have far more adverse repercusions on the economy. Huge potential to the grow the economy is there so let us think outside the box and take advantage of available opportunities including encouring our people to establish businesses in the country and the region. But how can they do it when interest rates are high, taxes are unbelievable, electricity is costly and inadequate,i.e, local environment is not conducive

    1. My concern is that the top government officials make pronouncements which are not based on any scientific research but from reports made by some “consultants”. They should establish the structure of the economy and the way it relates to the wage bill. The government should have a vision of the country and map out on how it wants country to get there. The government should simply think outside the box and expand the economy.

  3. My concern is that the top government officials make pronouncements
    which are not based on any scientific research but from reports made by
    some “consultants”. They should establish the structure of the economy
    and the way it relates to the wage bill. The government should have a
    vision of the country and map out on how it wants country to get there.
    The government should simply think outside the box and expand the

  4. The statement by the CS is trying to skirt around some facts. There are a number of questions which need to be addressed. How much domestic revenue was collected from taxes and other sources including A-in-A from state corporations 2012/13? What was the recurrent and total expenditures including those in state corporations? How much was paid to public servants in salaries and wages including those in state corporations? The answer to those questions will give us the actual public wage bill for Kenya.

  5. I have read this article and Ndii appears to be right, sounds like latin mass and obfuscation.
    First, what is the total wage bill of the central government? and what is the central government’s total revenue? From this we can tell for ourselves what the ratio of central government wage bill to central government revenue is.
    Second, what is the consolidated public wage bill and what is the consolidated goverment revenue?
    The ratios are easy to compute, give us the actual numbers.

  6. Thanks all. It seems the CS and her highly trained and exposed technocrats are keen to drag us back with retrogressive policies which will reverse the gains already made rather than taking us foward to the next level. Believe me not, Mr. David Ndii is very right and to say that the public wage bill is unsustainablly too much thereby calling for drastic measures including retrenchment and countrywide consultations on how to address it is not only awful but reckless and unbelievable at this stage of our development. Can the Government pull all efforts to grow the economy, address corruption, increase revenue collection, attract more FDI, create jobs and wealth to the hardworking Kenyans and millions of jobless youths. Radical shift and policy changes are needed to create an enabling environment and policy framework to grow this economy. Innovative approaches are needed to raise development revenue and expand the economy not thru simplistic approaches being propagated by the CS and the GoK. I

  7. Even after reading the rebuttal by the cabinet Secretary, I still concur with David Ndii. The problem is not with the wage bill, but with consumption. The government pays way more for goods and services procured due to corruption and wastage!

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