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Why Mugo Wa Wairimus Thrive in Kenya #MugoWaWairimu #DoctoredAbuse

The expose that was aired on Citizen TV over the weekend about a fake doctor who has allegedly been sedating some of his clients then raping them crushed my heart into a fine powder. But of more worry is the fact that an impostor can actually set up an enterprise in a highly regulated industry without requisite licenses and operate unperturbed.

It’s deeply heartbreaking that the people who are supposed to operate based on trust and confidentiality are the ones who have turned into vicious wolves well dressed in sheep’s garments.

While the majority of the medical industry is still above reproach and honorable, some of these perpetual horrendous cases will soon soil the reputation of the good old profession. Even sadder is the fact that a ‘lunatic’ can turn Kenyans into guinea pigs in an industry that is so sensitive. This man did not operate his unlicensed clinics in some underground establishments, nope, he was operating them in an open place even giving free medical services once in a while as an act of CSR.

Even though I’m angry at the suspect, I’m angrier at a society that let criminals walk scot free because of a flawed criminal justice system. The institutions that are meant to be the dispensers of justice have gone ahead to abort the very same justice they swore to serve without fear or favor at the altar of bribes.

The Mugo Wairimus’ of this nation thrive because of corruption. They are watered and sustained by corruption that acts as fodder for their indwelling selfishness. The sad reality, however, is that many of us do not really understand the cost of corruption. My heart bleeds with pain for the emancipation of my country. Swindlers have hijacked the sweat of hardworking Kenyans by weaving graft into the fabric of government institutions. They have injected the same deadly poison in the DNA of the staff and while, at it, the rights of the people have been bartered for blood money.

Until we fully grasp the ramifications of ‘brown envelope’, we will not win this war against delinquents who are specialized in getting rich at the expense of the welfare of our people. We will still have buildings approved through backdoors that will then collapse and kill Kenyans, rogue drivers who got their driving licenses through unscrupulous means will continue to kill and maim our people, Al-Shabaab will still bribe their way through our borders and kill Kenyans, ‘doctors’ will still rape patients, illicit brew will still blind and kill young people… in short, blood will still flow.

Mugo Wairimu represents part of our society that has mastered with a tiger’s grip the art of living above the law. They have carved out a safe haven within the Kenyan justice system yet far from the power of the law that is meant to make us all equal.

There must be a huge loophole in how we enforce laws in this nation. There is a big problem when an industry that is highly regulated and monitored can let such atrocious acts be carried out on innocent patients. The Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board established under Cap 253 Laws of Kenya to regulate the practice of medicine and dentistry in the country must come out clean. The act which was enacted in 1977 when Jomo Kenyatta was the president seems to be either deficient or out rightly moribund and archaic. As it is, it’s claimed that over 85% of complaints filed with the Medical Board die at the preliminary inquiry stage because of the limitations of the scope of their work as stipulated by the law. As a matter of urgency, the body must curb corruption and streamline a cumbersome, graft-ridden bureaucracy image that they have now acquired.

Could it be that a number of such ‘clinics’ provide a lifeline to corrupt law enforcement officials? And what would stop us from going further to assume that maybe some of the officials of this body are on payrolls of these quack clinics? Because this specific clinic had been closed twice before yet it was still in operation when the expose was done. It’s either that as a nation, we do not appreciate the gravity of acts of negligence within the medical industry or the people who are mandated to protect the masses have grown indifferent. What if this man has sexually transmitted diseases? How many of his victims has he sedated to sexually transmitted diseases if he actually raped his patients as alleged?

There is no way we will clamp down on runaway crime if we have institutions where people have ‘side jobs’ that pay them well. They will not allow their lifeline to be cut short. So they will bribe their way to any institution and hold leaders ransom as they want because as they say, everyone has a price.

In the words of Karl Kraus, “Corruption is worse than prostitution. The latter might endanger the morals of an individual, the former invariably endangers the morals of the entire country.”

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