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Take 6 With Taylor : Summer Blockbusters

Once again, its blockbuster season and what better way than to kick start off the Easter holidays with a list of upcoming flicks that may or may not shine at the Box Office.

2014 indeed was a great year in film not just for the directors themselves but for fans too, its the year that saw a variety of filmmakers focus more on science fiction themes as opposed to the usual Action Adventure themes which have become quite lackluster over the years.

Take for example Christopher & Jonathan Nolan’s Sci-Fi hit Interstellar, the award winning film loosely based on a retired NASA pilot searching for life in other planets saw the film rake in Box Office gold with a whooping gross of  $652 Million in after sales.

Another great film that surpassed Interstellar was J.R.R Tolkien’s last middle earth chapter of  the Hobbit: Battle Of The Five Armies which raked in a cool  $954 Million with Maleficent and Transformers :Age Of Extinction landing atop with earnings of $1Billion and $750Million respectively.

But that was 2014, lets focus more on what 2015 has to offer in films.

After years and a few bad scripts later, the final installment of the Jurassic Park series has finally gotten a brave director to bring the script to life, Collin Trevorrow has managed to convince Universal pictures to fund the new installment that’s drops in theaters worldwide come June 12th. Judging from the trailer itself we can only hope for the best.

Joss Whedon also takes a slice off 2015 with his upcoming sequel to the Avengers film series Avengers:Age Of Ultron bringing back the likes of Robert Downey Jr & Scarlett Johannson.

Question is, which films will win box office gold and which ones will hit the road?

Below you will find a list of the biggest upcoming flicks set to put either a smile or a frown on your face.


(Home-  March 27th.  20th Century Fox)

Jurassic World- June 12th /Universal/Amblin

Furious 7- April 3rd / Universal/Original Film

Avengers:Age Of Ultron- May 1st / Marvel Studios

(Mad Max : Fury Road- May 15th/ Warner Bros)


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