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Here’s What’s on my playlist this week


Ladies and gents, my name is Richard but it’s not – here’s a list of 10 songs that’s on my Youtube playlist this week that you should check out.

What vibe do you get when you listen to the music that you listen to ?, because everything is about a vibe – the clothes we wear , the moods we’re in , the weather and how your day ends. The basis of this shared playlist is so that you can not only see/explore the other side of your musical environment, but also it’s my way of sharing my vibes. Here’s one that I can’t get off my system

If you thought he was done when he was featured on the most streamed song on Spotify’s history, well you’re wrong!. Nigeria’s starboy, Wizkid who was recently awarded Artist of the year among others at the just concluded MTV MAMA Awards in South Africa, crossed borders again and this time with the Dutch king of afro-beats Henry X(Dj Henry) who’s co- produced some of the biggest summer tunes like “Jidenna’s  – a little bit more” .Take a gander of this afro dance hall anthem by Dj henry and Wizkid

Fourth Leak from his album “Campaign” that was released on September 23, “Stealing” is nothing less than what you’d expect from singer Ty Dolla Sign. The song, slow rhythmed talks about just exactly that – stealing hearts of every girl.

The song was the fourth release after “No justice”, “Zaddy” and “3 Wayz

Fresh from the release of his debut album, Waking at Dawn in July, OVO’s Roy Woods has returned with a new track “Only You” that features Ty Dolla Sign and Atlanta’s new comer 24hrs and is sure to have you in the ‘zones’.

There’s only so much to say about dancehall artist Popcaan except ..Listen to “Unruly” below

Mentored by Fat Joe and Miami producers, Cool & Dre, the rapper’s debut mixtape was a big success, propelling debut single ‘Don’t Mind’ into the charts.

Racking up more than 66 million global streams, Kent Jones has become a fixture in the Top Ten, his profile blossoming with each passing day.

His New single ‘ALRIGHT’ will simply accelerate this. A blissed out late summer jam, that samples Earth, Wind & Fire as Kent goes in search of the perfect groove.

Hot off the release of The Sun’s Tirade, Isaiah Rashad beams as a proud father in his video for “4r Da Squaw.”

Taking a stroll on the Santa Monica boardwalk with his actor son by his side, Zay talks about his relationship with his mom. “Mama, I’ve got some dollars for your bills,” he raps. “I’m the head and I’m the topic, all that matters I’m Jaleel, dog / I think the sunshine should feel how I feel.”

From fishing and playing games to dancing and flirting with girls, the duo has a ball at the pier all the way until the sun sets on the beach.

This is one that’ll get you feeling ‘okay’ this Wednesday.

I’ve been paying close attention to the Cardiff Brothers for almost six months now, and to be quite honest, I’m impressed by their growth and the hunger to take their music to the next level. They have consistently put out music and for that cause alone they end up on my playlist on this feature they did with king kade.


It could easily be one of the biggest songs to come from Kenya and from the artist. Octopizzo has continously proven to everyone who doubts that he’s arguably King of the Kenyan hip hop. With visuals that show his next ‘levelness’

This list would not be complete without something from Mac miller.

“I can’t keep on losing you,” sings .Paak. And the vibrant Rex Arrow-directed clip follows Mac and .Paak as they continue losing their girls. Eventually, however, the guys are reunited with their ladies for a lovely finale.

“Dang!” is the first single off Mac Miller’s album The Divine Feminine, which was released September 16th with appearances from Kendrick Lamar, CeeLo Green, Robert Glasper, and more.

Let me know what you’re listening to in the comment section below.

5 Reasons I’m Excited About the Live Life Loud Concert

Sho Baraka and S.O.

Sho Baraka and S.O. jetted into the country yesterday. For those who don’t know who the two are, let me get you up to speed real quick. Both are amazing hip-hop artists and you can listen to some of their songs here and here.

They have a concert going down this Friday from 6pm at Nairobi Chapel, Ngong Road. If you love hip-hop music, this is one event you can’t miss. These two mc’s live behind their bars like convicts i.e. they live what they spit on the mic. Here are 5 reasons why I am excited for this concert:


0. Sho once tweeted me:

That makes me famous! I know this is kinda vain… but it’s true. Ha! I just had to get that out and here is proof!



He was correcting my mistake on his lyrics, but those are just details. I gave this point the number 0 if it makes you feel better. On to the real reasons.


1. Both are African brothers:

They live in the U.S. but their names show their connection with our beautiful continent. Sho’s mother named him Baraka which is Swahili for Blessing and S.O. was born in Nigeria; his second name is Otukpe. You can’t get more African than that!


2. Sho can run circles around Kendrick Lamar

He’s got bars like chocolate and metaphors for days! (nice line huh? I try…)

If you doubt this, listen to this song ‘Mahalia’ from his latest album ‘Talented 10th’. The first verse is packed with metaphors, here’s just a peek:

Yeah, black belt in a bad way
Judo (you don’t) know? I did what my sensei (sin say)
Notorious was my mindset, I got faith – wasn’t ready to die yet (reference to Notorious B.I.G’s album and his wife Faith Evans)
Now take that from a Bad Boy (B.I.G’s record label)

Not bad for a rapper who is “Trying to be like the bible – Not a bad verse in me”


3. S.O. sampled Inception
If there’s a song I am looking forward to, it has to be S.O. “Lows and Highs” which was sampled from that instrumental on the movie Inception. Apart from being a great encouragement for believers, that awesome instrumental by Hans Zimmer just made even more perfect.


4. I’m Getting married

Sho has an amazing love song that is definitely on my wedding playlist. “We Can Be More” was an anthem at some point for many of Sho’s fans. Hearing him perform this song is the closest I can get to having Sho perform at my wedding :)


5. These brothers are unashamed!

I get encouraged when I see believers who are not ashamed Jesus give their all to proclaim the truth of the gospel. Sho and S.O. have travelled thousands of miles in order to share the gospel with those who don’t know Jesus and encourage other believers in their walk. They are family because we have the same Father. Now what kind of brother would I be if I didn’t show up at the concert?

BONUS: S.O. has a beard. Enough said!

See you on the dance floor!