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Lessons from Huddah Monroe vs Joe Muchiri Tweef, #JoeVsHuddah

While nations like Guatemala, Egypt, Tunisia, Libya among others have successfully changed regimes through twitter, in Kenya, some grown adults struggle to add positively to this nation’s development agenda.

To them, a person’s contribution to society should only be limited to how sufficiently philanthropic one is willing to churn out crude words among other assortment of controversies.

Let me explain…

Earlier this week on twitter, we were treated to a circus that bordered plain insanity. It was hard to tell whether we were in a zoo of apes or human beings and for a second, I almost believed the evolution theory.

Lessons from Huddah Monroe vs Joe Muchiri Tweef, #JoeVsHuddah

A popular radio producer raised a question concerning the career of a lady who is popular in social scenes. The response he got was made of undiluted arrogance and outright inanity. How do you flood social media with your filtered images yet when someone talks about them, it becomes personal? As is said in Africa, a pretty face and fine clothes do not make a character.

The urban dictionary defines a socialite as:

“Someone who has money and doesn’t work, instead devoting his/her life to being “socially active.” They go to parties, gather media attention, and essentially “work” at being popular. This often comes at the expense of any meaningful contribution to society or culture.”
The allure of easy fame has driven many to abandon reason. Some have gone to desperate and extreme lengths just so that they might be in the limelight. You see, we will soon part irreconcilable with the days where success is about brilliance and hard work and one is celebrated based on the meaningful contribution they make to society. A new invention that solves human problems or an athletic ability that defies odds will be frowned upon.

Excellence in academics or awards in arts and music will be pedestrian. We will hopelessly begin to search for days when we rewarded an impeccable character that is beyond reproach and questioning. You see, those days are almost gone.
It’s extremely regrettable when people whom God has given abilities choose to abandon all that and travel the thorny, bumpy road of controversy. Instead of harnessing the mental power, they have surrendered to using fleeting looks to attract vain fame. And that’s what happens when you lower the definition of success to a point where sluts can easily access tools for cleansing their reputation through flashy images and an illusion of success on social media.

We know the profession you are involved in; a high-end trade of the flesh!! What is particularly sad is the fact that in the past, such acts were deemed to be too disgraceful to even imagine. They could only be carried out by the most shameless miscreants and even then, such people had to operate under the cover of darkness. But now, yellow journalism has sanitized the “world’s oldest trade”, dragged it into the limelight, glorified it through entertainment blogs and made it a noble career option.

Galatians 6:8

“For whatever a man sows, that and that only is what he will reap. For he who sows to his own flesh (lower nature, sensuality) will from the flesh reap decay and ruin and destruction, but he who sows to the Spirit will from the Spirit reap eternal life.”

The values that built the foundation of this nation and spurred it to economic growth shall soon feel the full and final impact of the hammer of extinction. The end justifies the means, by whatever means possible, seems to be our widely accepted motto. Irreducible minimums for proper socially acceptable conduct are deemed uncool by some myopic individuals who lives for the moment. Wisdom has fallen by the wayside and manners are about to make a swift exit.

It becomes a national disaster when mainstream media glorify no apparent personal achievement apart from scandals, at the expense of those who rightfully deserve the limelight for their noble contribution in society. Instead of educating the nation about vision 2030, socialites now chart a discourse for national dialog. Where are the moral sentinels? How then do we expect to stir Kenyans to greatness if the content that excites us is that of junk? For a meager amount, one is willing to flash their dignity down the toilet and we regard them as ‘celebrities.’

And I close with a Nigerian Proverb,

“And If there is a character, ugliness becomes beauty; if there is none, beauty becomes ugliness.”

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