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Stormzy vows to continue making great music

Stormzy won’t “sit around on [his] a**e” after landing a number one album, and he has vowed to continue working hard on his career at the helm of the music business.

The 24-year-old grime star has had a huge year with the popularity of his debut LP ‘Gang Signs and Prayer’ – which was nominated for the prestigious Mercury Music Prize – but he doesn’t plan to take things easy and stop pushing himself to do better in the months to come.

He said: “There are times when I think, ‘F***ing hell’ but mostly I take it in my stride.

“I accept the memory, I celebrate then I keep it moving.

“I find it difficult to sit around on my a**e because I’ve got a number one album. That’s not how thing game works.

“You bank that – and then you make the next one.

“For example, I’ve got one Q award compared to artists who have four or five, so I can’t start thinking I’m on top of the world.

“There’s a legacy to be made that ain’t going to make itself.”

But despite his many achievements this year, nothing will be better for the ‘Big For Your Boots’ hitmaker than finding out his album had topped the UK charts in February.

He told Q magazine: “Definitely the album going to number one was the highlight. That’s not a bad one.

“It was so early in the year that so much has happened since, but then I always think, ‘Nah, that one’.

“That feeling was a different kind of feeling.”

And Stormzy is very proud he released the album on his own through his own label.

He said: “I always said that I had to do my first album by myself, it’s got to be independent.

“Sometimes there’s this stigma about true artists, that they can’t equate to mainstream success, that true artists are never going to top the charts.

“But I felt like I was able to be myself and not compromise, while also having a successful album.

“Before I started music, I always felt there were artists on top who are always true.”

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