Prison inmate makes gun out of soap

A prison inmate is currently facing punishment after admitting to making a fake gun out of a bar of soap and painting it black in an attempt to escape incarceration.


The man, who is currently in jail in Bedford, southeast England was planning to follow in the footsteps of ’30s US outlaw John Dillinger by breaking out of the prison armed only with the fake gun moulded out of a bar of soap.

However, the convict got cold feet and instead handed the bogus weapon to a prison guard and has since been put on report.

A source told the Daily Mirror newspaper: “The soap gun had been lovingly crafted and was the right shape and size.

“Painted black, it would have been impossible to distinguish from a proper pistol … It is believed the inmate panicked and decided to give up the weapon.”

0 thoughts on “Prison inmate makes gun out of soap”

  1. Funny, Ahmednassir is among the suspended! I wonder whether he’ll pick up the job again should he get a reinstatement. That guy is very arrogant!

  2. How is Mutunga going to resolve this, since he allowed himself to be partisan once Ahmednasir aimed his bazooka at Shollei?

    1. The question should be: what happens if a stand-off ensues due to glaring illegality posed by president’s decision? Breaking the law that you swore to defend on what seems to be self-serving enterprise is a very very serious matter.

      1. Illegality? Glaring? smh.
        Here you go again Kwessi Pratt believing everything you read on funny blogs and such rubbish.
        The President’s decision? You really have no inkling of the law as regards parliamentary directed tribunals do you? You’ve obviously no idea that the President in such a case MUST do as parliament demands do you?
        Now, point me to the illegality (don’t do a wikipedia search. It won’t help).
        You probably think the ruling by the judge that Parliament would be sub judice is correct hmmm? Think judges are always right do you?

      2. WTF are you talking about?

        The President’s decision is the result of parliamentary action, not unilateral. It is exactly the process that was followed in the Nancy Baraza saga. You are not denying that the JSC has been behaving funny in the past few months, are you?

  3. Those who were not sure whether government was taking the wrong turn have now
    been shocked beyond call. Same same Kibaki style where negative impossible
    becomes the possible. Either government is not receiving proper advice, or its agenda so soon, is completely at odds with most Kenyans. It must be noted those unpopular almost self-serving decisions are the ones that reduced former president Kibaki to a lame duck president. Hope its not another hopeless rewind!

    1. Try and detach your emotions from the issue and you’ll begin to understand that this process has been driven by Kenya’s democratic machinery. The PORK is just a small link in a long chain of events here, and he’d have been out of order had he not suspended those recommended to him by Parliament.

  4. The appointed Tribunal has a job to do fairly and expeditiously. The results of their work will soon be out, Kenyans will not only know but also tell whether the Tribunal has uncovered the TRUTH! This is a normal process when faced with challenges of this nature, magnitude and scope. After all the Judiciary is not a 0.0% corruption free institution..

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