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Nothing But Thieves don’t want rock star image

Nothing But Thieves are keen to defeat the rock star image by carving out their own identities.

The ‘Trip Switch’ hitmakers may be known for their head-banging music but they’re determined to carve out their own identities rather than conform to an image that supposedly goes hand-in-hand with the genre of music they slot into.

Frontman Conor Mason, 22, told BANG Showbiz: “It p***es me off, not my label particularly, I love my team but in general labels and the industry. They do kind of want to doll you up and I think it’s cooler to do your own thing.

“It’s more rock and roll to wear what you want and not be told what to do. I like my boots and jackets and stuff like that but I don’t like being told what to wear.”

Meanwhile, the five-piece – also consisting of Joe Langridge-Brown, Dominic Craik, James Price, and Philip Blake – have just achieved a top 10 album in the UK chart with their debut self-titled LP, but earning music success is not something they’re particularly interested in.

Conor explained: “Six months ago when people were asking if we’d like to get in it and I was like I really don’t care.

“I’m really happy that it’s gone that way but I’m not like adamant for it to happen.

“I didn’t even put any pressure on it hitting top 10 or anything so it was a pleasant surprise that we were very welcome to. We were very happy about it. We had a big party that night.”

The band are now gearing up for their ‘Under My Skin’ UK tour, which kicks off at the beginning of next year.

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