Mac Miller Shares ‘Stay’ Video


Probably my favorite song from the album, Mac Miller shared a new video for album cut “Stay,” a low-key clip that finds the rapper hanging out on the beach in less than ideal conditions.

Mac is bundled up throughout the the video, but still manages to convey the carefree feeling of spending a sunset at the beach- happily flowing to this beautiful tune.

The Feminine Divine was released back in September.

Watch the Mac’s Stay visuals below.

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    1. People, please stop using the phrase “End of the world”every time something crazy/unusual happens. The world ends for each of us INDIVIDUALLY, when we die. So it has always, and forever will be, ending. Orgies have been there since the old Greek/Roman civilizations… and the world still continues!

        1. Am Professor of Sexology, I have shortage of students,positions are up for grab, pulsating and heaving techniques, if you are interested you can enroll,hurry up,,,,,,,, ,

    1. So long as somebody is making a living, it doesn’t bother me at all. Plus how about people getting employed in the the field? Wouldn’t be cool even for the Australian government to collect some revenue and help the economy grow, especially in this hard times? Come on.

  1. Jesus come now, I prophesy the should be ready for the most horrible catastrophe of their life, @ pilipilihawhaw remember sodom and gomorah 

  2. what else can you call the this, if not the works of the devil himself. Only good people can see this as wrong, bad people cant. How hell will consume them that do wrong will be unforgettable. If only they change and repent… i pity them

    1. Malaika dear are you suggesting that only “bad” people need to know how to perform well sexually? Are you saying that if I want to learn about sex I become ungodly? Is it that sex belongs or was created by the devil and is the direct ticket to hell? Where is all this in the Holy Bible or what do people like you base their arguments on? I call it CHEAP, DRAMATIC,  FANATICAL FAITH that has no knowledge and can save no life.

      1. Hi Elijah, its amazing how ignorant pple can be. According to God’s law, sex should be a private, intimate affair between a wife and a husband, not between tens of pple purpoting to learn sex. Marriages fail cz pple don put God first in their union, not cz they don knw sex styles.Sex was created by God, it is wonderful and enjoyable, but only in the confines of matrimony. call it fanatical faith, but it is the truth. Any other thing is a lie from the devil.

        1. hey Em, as much as sex is private poorly managed sex is recipe for failed marriage. love making needs a class or two to make it new and interesting for a couple. The homework things should not scare you. You can do homework with your special someone. i wish we were in the same class with you i could have explained better. Lol! i wanna apply.

  3. In Uganda girls are taught how to be good in bed..(and they are good).In Austria they have gone a notch all of you stop whining about xst and end of the world..Instead go to Austria or cross over to Uganda!

  4. thats foolish.what is there to teach me?at the right time its okey but for now they should work to help children acquire skills they will need in the future for their well being

  5. Funny how some fellas are invoking doomsday on reading this. Get out of your closets! The world will hardly end coz of this. History is replete with more vivid scenarios. Having said that, lets hope they open a college in Kenya. :)

  6. Please shut it with all the “end of the world” proclamations! One of the most common reasons why marriages fail is simply put- pathetic sex. And when divorce rates go up in society, the same “end of world” phrases are used! 
    Why do people train to be doctors, lawyers, engineers, artists? Because we are not born any of those! Just the same way, people are not born with knowledge of the entire human anatomy and yet some magically expect to be amazing lovers someday. It ain’t going to happen!
    Please train your minds to be open to change or forever wallow in the fast moving pace of this century!!!

    1. Hi, its amazing how ignorant pple can be. According to God’s law, sex should be a private, intimate affair between a wife and a husband, not between tens of pple purpoting to learn sex. Marriages fail cz pple don put God first in their union, not cz they don knw sex styles.Sex was created by God, it is wonderful and enjoyable, but only in the confines of matrimony. call it fanatical faith, but it is the truth. Any other thing is a lie from the devil. And by the way, marriage is not 100% sex. u will find tht out once you get there.

    2. It cannot be better said Nashipai all those who see it otherwise and start escapism towards God better take some lessons themselves coz………..your sex life sucks. Good sex will make your partner stick to you when everything else sucks and thus reducing chances of a divorce. You cannot daydream of your wives cooking but you can of the sex, well for women towards men….what else is there to daydream about?

  7. okay this is crazy and amazing at the same time..taking businesses to the next level..I mean i guess these things happen,only that they do not happen openly like this. 

  8. Hahahaa loving some of the comments below..I wouldn,t mind attending such a school though. Then maybe I can keep on failing my end year results and have to redo my favourite courses, lol…I wonder how such a school operates

  9. I think the difference here is that they actually do practicals…well..that for me is wrong.In Uganda gals are taught by their aunties and they dont do it practically until when they are married not unless you are hay-wire..!why people are saying these are end-times its seems that we are allowed to have sex with multiple partners and it is termed as practicals which ideally is made to sound right…That is wrong..Sex was made sacred and for married people only!..we are only trying to get ourselves immune to the immorality of 21st century. God Knew we will learn about it when we get married.No wonder this generation is so dying of the consequences of pre-marital sex..and even those divorces affairs and all are consequences (mostly) of pre-marital sex. Because proper sex education ( without practicals)lacks in this generation and not unless we turn to our manual..Bible and our True Teacher Jesus..we will surely perish!God Forbid that my children will even hear of such a school!!!

  10. I learnt the game from my cousin when we were teenagers. She was an excellent coach. Now she is happily married. So am I. I would not mind a refresher course.

  11. I don’t get these over-religious commenters…I’m also a Christian and I don’t feel the same way. Sex was created by God…it’s not evil! The reality is that many marriages are falling apart because once the sex life isn’t working out, other things start to fall apart. 

  12. I am always amazed at how people are not open into any idea that does not closely resemble something they believe in. Last year scientists found out that there are particles that can actually travel faster than the speed of light. Now particles have got nothing to do with morality so no one is talking but if those particles had something to do with morality or were a religion,  that is what we would still be talking about!!!

  13. For the people who are complaining about the idea of a school like this, open up your minds, its just brought to the fore what happens in private, and why are you even whining, in some traditions girls are taught how to perform in bed, personally i think the reason for the whole reason married men and women are running around and having affairs is because of lack of sexual knowledge and their partners also become lazy and stop putting in effort

  14. I would like to know their student enrollment. It does not make sense to have 300 male students and 2 female students since such a course requires both sexes – unless they use blow up dolls! hahaha! And for all those ppl who would wish for such a school to be open in Kenya, tough luck. Not even when you’re rotting :_( 

  15. good idea!!!!!!infact sex was given by God…let people learn the art…i would wish they recruit couples,good 4 them…

  16. Oh Yeah, Rwanda is even great, they practice with brothers, sisters and even dad can tell a daughter how to enjoy sex…and you know the ultimate is when you get to have sex with a lady she gives you extras…excess water, they call it mayi

  17. this is totally wrong  no use…..also not making any sense.. just creating the protitutetions  in the world

  18. this is not a laughing matter.they have gone is only allowed to married couples.and i`m sure that God had a unique reason for putting that way.this guys should be in jail serving life imprisonment till the return of Christ.

  19. they will acquire good skills and unfortunately STDs if not HIV/AIDS just book an appointment with Gertrude Mungai for any sexual issues its safer and ethical.


  21. without wanting to take the holier than though angle, I am just curious, where these people will work once they graduate……

    1. hehehe the only work available for such experts… sex workers… or to put it mildly “escorts” or sex therapists!

  22. Everythin is possible, but surely we are now disobeying the laws of nature. Teaching how to have have sex is teaching some how to eat.

  23. halleluiah………..lord have mercy on ma soul n at the same tym judge me not for ma thoughts are too nasty……i need to hold a fundraising to be enrolled there…. after-all majority ov the chillez will benefit from ma education which i will pass it on to them free ov charge…….what do you say gays……

  24. These things used to happen in most African cultures that we let the westerners so erode! Now they call it worlds first sex school!

  25. who teaches animals, birds, insects, and other primates to do it better? This is not good unleass one is in direct communion with the owner of this world who always devices evil. I thought sex is all about Love and vise versa. Even if you know how to do it if my conscience doesn’t like you you are just but filth before me!.REFRAIN.

  26. So sad that someone can’t find within themselves who they are sexually. Intimacy seems to be a thing of the past. Part of the fun of learning to be sexual is learning the others persons needs and sharing yours.

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