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Kiss more than just the lips

A kiss on the lips is sweet. It says “I want you”, “I love you”, “I am sexually aroused”, “I belong to only you”

But kisses are not meant only for the lips. Kiss your lover on different places to speak out your love:

1. Kiss on the forehead to say “I will cover you”

2. Kiss on the cheek to say “You are special”

3. Kiss on the chin to say “I am interested to know you more”

4. Kiss on the feet to say “I will serve you”

5. Kiss on the fingers to say “I value what you do”

6. Kiss on the neck to say “I am your partner”

7. Kiss on the navel to say “No one else comes close to you”

8. Kiss on the shoulders to say “Relax, I am with you”

9. Kiss on the ass to say ” I am comfortable with you”

10. Kiss on the back and spine to say “Trust me”

11. Kiss on the ears to say “Thank you for being so close”

12. Kiss on the thighs to say “I am not in a hurry to please you”

Put away many words and let the kiss speak for you. Sometimes kisses are not sexual, sometimes it is an expression of affection and intimacy, sealed with a kiss. The skin responds wonderfully to a kiss of love.

Dayan Masinde :Dayan Masinde is a Nairobi based Kenyan artist specializing in Fine Art, Portrait Art, Murals, Poetry, Creative Writing, Music, Illustrations and Animation. He is often described as "The Artist Inspired by Love" because of his use of artistic expressions to inspire, celebrate and help understand the mystery of love. His poetry book "WHEN ANGELS MAKE LOVE" is available for purchase worldwide on amazon.com. Cell no: +254 721 590954 Email: dayanmasinde@gmail.com.