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  1. If we had a leader blessed with this kind of clearity, Kenya would be very far a head in development. We seriously need a leader that can match President Bill Clinton. Thats why our presidential aspirants are supposed to be equiped with inspiring ideas. Ideas that can turn around the country for the better. They are not supposed to peg their successes on mere tribal numbers that dont add any value at all to Kenyans. They should not bombard us with stale reform songs. Songs that are never meant to actualize reform as such, but simply to put down opponents.

    Kenya needs to move from pity empty tribal politics that dont offer anything in return. We should embrace anyone whose campaigns are genuinely focused and issue-oriented. Time for football and parable antics is long gone from the scene. We should not allow anyone to lead this great nation if his only credentials and ability to solve problems are no more than big tribal numbers. Kenyans have to cross that holdup of emptiness. We need to move forward and pretty quickly.

    Assessing our individual candidates, one is left surprised by their perceived strengths. Brother Hon. Uhuru for instance, has remained ever empty since he was hand-picked to join politics several decades ago. He has nothing to show for his all-time state favored political career. His messy stint in the ministry of finance is legendary. His leadership of local government was totally unnoticable. PM Raila is even worse off. Apart from comical and laughable faking of achievements, the guy has nothing concrete at all to show for his many years in politics. Infact, his purported reform credentials is just a disguise to help escape scrutiny. The two guys also found ready brands- their famous fathers- to stand on. Thus, if they were truly capable of changing the country, they woud have done that long long time ago indeed.

    Brothers VP Kalonzo Musyoka and Hon. Ruto however, represents a totally different breed altogether. Their backgrounds are similar, devoid of any rich family helping hands. That they changed totally hopeless situations to success is not in doubt at all. They never found everything sewn for them like Uhuru, Odinga and Mudavadi. Infact, the chances are that if Kalonzo and Ruto had found any shred sewn for them, they would have gone over the limit by now. Ruto came from no where and quickly established himself as a serious leader. He has climped political ladder against very serious odds indeed. His achievements are also far more pronounced. They can be easily quantified.

    VP Kalonzo Musyoka’s ability to rise to the top is even more impressive. The guy pulled himself out of extreme poverty and made himself a serious leader. He has held his beliefs with ironclad resolve, even when faced with unimaginable. Of course, guys who have never fought to become what they, have shown very little respect for the brother VP. The reasons for that are quite obvious. He represents the face of all suffering Kenyans. That seems to pose a serious threat to those who have underservely amassed wealth at the expense of the people. They think perhaps, the ever clean Musyoka might come up with policies that might stop their rather some sort of hostage taking situation they have on Kenyans. They view the VP as an outsider who should not be allowed in to the centre. His impressive credentials, that has seen him bring massive funds in to the country, through his diplomatic skills, can not be understated. His ideas of 24 hour economy and 2,000 for old folks, marks complete departure from the usual noisy stuff that has never helped over the years. His focus on decent national unity is unchallengeable. Kenyans need to move from dim and see the true leader in this man. He is surely our something close to president Bill Clinton!

    1. Well, it is true that Bill Clinton is an inspiring leader who performed and is proud to read his score card as an inspiration!!!

      For the part about Kalonzo, please Sir, I beg to differ!!
      He has been in parliament for a little over a quater of a decade……not only that but holding influential government posts. If he is a leader of that ilk let him read to us his score card, and if it measures with the likes of Clinton we will give him our ears.

      1. @kaka: Thanks pal and be blessed. VP Kalonzo Musyoka is the author of 24 hour economy. That has completely transformed the Mombasa Port forever and the way bus business is done in the whole of East and Central Africa. The guy has firmly placed Kenya on the international scene. Of course, through his diplomatic skills. He is a well known peace maker the world over. The Shs.2,000/= stepid for our old folks is his idea. You need to check at our national coffers how much this guy has brought in to the country. He has no equal at all. He is also the only politician who has served two governments without stealing or being involved in any scandal. Actually, his uprightness is the one which has made thieves look him down.

        He doesnt line up pockets of contractors and pressmen to have his way. He is a true christian who believes in truth and truth alone. Do you know what Mr. Clinton was before he became president? And he came from one of the poorest states in the USA just like VP Kalonzo! However, merchants of deceit have been mocking Kalonzo because of his poor but rather clean background. Its normal pal. Nonetheless, while everbody has his/her own weaknesses, now tell us any of our presiential candidates who superpasses this guy?

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