Kibakinomics 101

baksMoney is not the most important thing in the world, love is, fortunately for me I love money. The love of money is NOT the root of all evil, the lack of money is. I’ll tell you now for a fact that the only people who think about money more than rich people are poor people, complete fact you can take it to the bank… No of course you can’t you can only take money and collateral to the bank.

Another fact: high tides lift all boats, true very true that’s why when I see people around me making money I don’t get jealous, I get happy because it means the tides are rising and money will soon be on its way to my boat. Am I worshiping money? By all means no, money makes a great servant and a poor master the line in between is blurry and at best thin. A Jewish proverb says: When I have money, I am wise, I am handsome, I am funny and a damn good singer!!

When I have money, I am wise, I am handsome, I am funny and a damn good singer!!

Psychologists call this ‘the hallo effect’, we tend to think rich people are better looking, more ambitious, more trust worthy and more intelligent.


Now because I have seen the effects that money can have I have promised myself to make money work for me, to learn more about my money, what it likes, what it dislikes and what makes it want to multiply. Money is an essential in life, just as important as food or water and unless you esteem it highly you wont strive for it, you’ll only wish for it. If you would like to learn the value of money, try borrow some. The Bible says it better:  A feast is made for laughter, and wine makes life merry, but money is the answer for everything (Ecclesiastes 10:19).

Now back to the subject of this article Kibakinomics, I’m feeling like more facts so here’s another one, the two times the Kenyan economy has grown the most is when President Kibaki was minister for finance and when he was president, fact, all banks are accepting that one too. Now the good old president may know a thing or two about money that the rest of us don’t know, I’ve been watching carefully and here’s what I have gleaned from President’s economic genius.


Know your business

A brothel owner in my all-time favorite TV series Game of Thrones, said ‘…When choosing an investment I choose prostitutes over ships because whores rarely sink…’ You need to know your business know the long term and the short term, the high tide and the ebb.

When choosing an investment I choose prostitutes over ships because whores rarely sink

Kibaki invested heavily in infrastructure, free primary education and healthcare. Right now it’s paying the dividends, we dint see why he was not investing more in tangible things like revenue collection, agriculture and tourism, those that payback immediately and pay back big. If you invest make sure you know what your money likes, make sure you know what you’re getting into because it’s a poor jeweler who takes advice from a brick maker (can you guess where that little nugget was from? comment bellow and you get bragging rights for being well read).

Mind your business

If  Kibaki’s enemies saw him walking on water, they’d say it’s because he  could not swim. The old man has mastered the art of silence. Convincing all of us he’s inert and hands off. He’s made being president look so easy any politician with half a name was convinced he could do it also. The reason I think he managed to do this I think is because he could stay silent and mind his business.  The president is not working when he’s at press conferences shouting his head off ‘Riddle me this’, no, it’s when he’s in the back rooms cutting deals and giving orders. If you’re going to be a success you’re going to need to learn to mind your business, ignore what everyone else is saying and get things done.


Mind your people


The river flows but it never forgets it’s source. The source built the river, I think the one win Kibaki has had is to surround himself with the right people. While everyone said the president seems inert the country is still functional things are still getting done. In 2005 the president fired the whole cabinet after the first referendum, everything ran like clockwork, he got the right people, people who believed in the cause and were loyal to it so that even if one half of his team dropped dead or mutinied against him things could still work while he leisurely replaced them.


Know what you want.

Now Kibaki’s NARC coalition promised us free primary education, not highly subsidized,  not implemented in phases, free from day one. Despite inheriting an office with empty coffers as the government claimed they still made this commitment. Strangely enough twas a success from day one and despite the allegations of fraud and stealing of funds it still stands ten years later a Kibaki legacy.


If you’re going to do something you have to want it and you have to commit to it. There was no money for it structures were still shaky but due to the commitment, the keenness with which the Kenyan people were watching to see if NARC kept up this promise it succeeded.

Keep your eyes open and an ear to the ground

Now how do we make more money? No, not by cost cutting and not by saving. Though these are ways to make an enterprise more effective the only way to grow it is to generate more revenue, the only way to generate more revenue is to make more sound investments. Kibaki did not endeavor to save the country funds (what I think is one of his short comings) he did however make investments in infrastructure, in mineral exploration, education and health. Ten years later all we need is someone who can tie up all the loose ends Kibaki left and then keep the foward momentum and we can finally take off into prosperity.


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