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Gilad Millo’s gift to Angel Uriel

It’s a celebration of Uriel whom I never had a chance to meet in life, but who’s energy since his tragic death has affected me in ways I can’t explain – these poignant words from Israeli born diplomat turned musician Gilad Millo on the release of his new track “Angel Uriel” on 9th July.

The song, which was written in memory of 8 year old Uriel Itzhak Shoham; the only son of Yagil Shoham (founder of Casa De Yagil) and Eloisa Gaytan who died tragically from heart failure while in school also features his son Omer Milo.

Donning a Cap with the Kenyan flag the multi lingual International Pop Star who speaks Swahili starts off with the words “Washa Mshuma Mwingine” – Swahili for Light Another Candle, as he soulfully entreats Uriel’s father to be strong in the face of the tragedy. For his part, Yagil Shoham feels Uri had been with them during the entire process, guiding them; adding that, “I love the song – I miss my son”.

Following Uriel’s death, Yagil Shoham who’s known Gilad since their days as their days as editors and reporters at the Foreign Desk of Channel 2 News Israel working on a post 9/11 feature story , selflessly donated his son’s organs to save three lives and sight to another.

The song shot on location in Mexico by Mexican Diretor Abidan Solis has received a warm reception since its release.

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