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How do you feel about a Large Heap of Burning Money as a Coffee Table?

I, up until yesterday thought that I had seen extra- ordinary art, and even the audacity that I had to feel a bit reluctant about what I felt was amazing or not makes me feel ashamed and embarrased .

Well, meet Barcelona-based design firm Amarist Studio which has created this glass piece of furniture dubbed “Too Much? II.” It’s a dining table which consists of a glass cube that stored partially burnt money alongside a thin biofuel flame rising above its surface.

The purpose for this is to make viewers question the importance of money and how it relates to time and people as a whole.

The studio teamed up with sculptor Alejandro Mongo to create this coffee table silhouette that boasts a concrete body, a glass urn and a stack of fifty Euro bills that are presumably about to be disintegrated into a pile of ash. What’s more interesting is that all of the materials used to create the table are just imitations and not the real thing. In fact, the entire table was made with just sculpting resin, paper, steel, wood and paint.

How cool is that? Head on to the Amarist Studio’s official website and check out more of the amazing work they do.


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