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Fans Two Cents On The Kansoul’s ‘Nyongwa’

Ever since the invention of ice cream, the team up of Madtraxx, Mejja and Kid Korra has to be the best thing to ever happen! And The Kansoul is the name they go by. They just released the video to their latest single ‘Nyongwa’ and with the video came the dance style and a lot of talk. Below is what some have to say:

“The flashback element at the beginning of the video is simply ingenious! The rest of the video is a circus fair I would want to be in. The fun, the people, the energy, everything about it is just exciting. The dancers ? That’s a whole other story – I love this video. The haters can ‘nyongwa!’”

“How these three didn’t get a nomination for their previous song ‘Dabotap’, I don’t know or understand. They are simply too good. Mejja brings the comic effect, Madtraxx the energy while Kidkorra makes sure the element of cool is not lost. This video makes me look forward to the weekend in infinite anxiety” revealed a fan

“The song, is a masterpiece. The video however, shows zero creativity from both the team and the director. The theme of dancers and clubs is so two thousand and late! I wish they put in more time to the whole thing” lipped another

“I listened to the song, watched the video and downloaded both! These jam can make even the saddest guy in history forget his worries and get down! But can the guys not use the club/ dance scene next time. It looks a bit like ‘Ita Waiter’ and ‘Get Down’. claimed an aficionado

The video turns two days old today and has gathered over three thousand views. And from the above views, you don’t have to wonder why. Watch it below.

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