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Fans Call Juliani’s New Video, An Artistic Masterpiece!

Just two days in and Juliani’s new video ‘Radio’ has stuck on the tongues of many. So why not let the rest of the world know the thoughts running through the minds of those who have watched it.

“The video itself is what I call an artistic masterpiece! I mean I could watch the video on mute and still be equally as satisfied. But considering it’s Juliani, it wouldn’t be complete without hearing the rap. Smooth, subtle and the message is right on the bull’s eye. I love it” spoke a fan

“I love how Juliani has never changed his style to try fit into any crowd. His conscious hip hop and manner of delivery makes all those new school rappers who try to emulate foreign rappers play the part of an ostrich with its head in the ground.” Added another

“Picture these two rappers on one track; Juliani and Rabbit. Would it be too much to ask for? The rap on this video had me thinking. Which is quite rare in this era and time when it comes to hip hop. This video is on my personal playlist. Talk off exponential potential!” aired a huge Juliani fiend

The single is off Juliani’s second album ‘Pulpit Kwa Street’ and the audio has the thumbprint of producer Ben GITTX with the video done by CMG Films. If you haven’t watched the video, don’t shed a single shred of sweat. You can watch it above and have some conscious music into your day.

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