Election Alphabet (@NasarathePoet)



A is for Abduba Dida the people’s champ

B is for Biometric Voter Ripoff stunt

C is for Colour blind Doctor putting ballot in wrong box

D is for Diaspora vote including Rongai an it’s environs

E is for Eyes wide open, Muite opticals

F is for Fake International Media reports and articles

G is for Great shock that 30,000 acres of Taita Taveta County are owned by Uhuru

H is for Hassan not Isaak but Lulu

I is for Ink on my pinky

J is for Jingle by I.E.B.C

K is for Kenya a land of great people special  to the LORD

L is for Legal process that will be tested by the petitions presented by CORD

M is for Multiplication factor of 8; rejected votes

N is for No sleep waiting for results

O is for Oh! Snap tallying started again from scratch

P is for Peace that prevailed, not a lit match

Q is for Questions asked at Bomas by political groupies

R is for R.I.P. for those who passed away in the line of civic duty

S is for Servers that didn’t crash just a nice blue screen

T is for Tunaweswait for 2017

U is for Unemployed ranks joined by political heavyweights

V is for Venom spewed on social media by intellectual featherweights

W is for Wisdom by media to censor speeches inspired by hate

X is for X the mark I used to choose my preferred candidate

Y is for Youth the voice of this nation

Z is for Zeal to see Kenya’s salvation


Written by @NasarathePoet. Visit his blog and show him some love.

25 thoughts on “Election Alphabet (@NasarathePoet)”

    1. Nationalism as well as patriotism governing our country ideals have long been forgotten,if this spokemen could use the same vigour in providing solutions to the parties who pay the piper n feed them as well in solving the myriad problems these country faces,surely we shall wake up n say….i am struggling to be a kenyan.



  1. mkweli;
    Kuria’s article very ineresting, but one must not forget he is perpetuating the usual business which earns him a living; and that is to discredit Raila Odinga. Icome from central and total dislike the phobia about Raila that is exercised by many who should know better.however some will be in for a rude shock once they see just how many votes he can amass without their support

    1. Hata mimi i come from Nyanza, and i do not support Raila’s antics of double speak. His latest attempt to woe the Gema community are all bound to fail, his continued verbal diarrhoea on how he does not “hate” kikuyu is a constant reminder on his 2007 call, 41 aganist 1. The 2007/08 post election victims who were displaced simply because their names did not match those of the neighbours will find it hard not to express their fear for this guy. I know of Kikuyus who voted for RAO and were still displaced. Am sorry, but RAO will not get that support that he craves for from central.

  2. Hii ni tongue in cheek… times new roman…? he he he… you are a good friend… Miguna new spokesman for PNU… si that will be the day!

  3. This is hullabaloo about nothing; people fail to see Raila at his best playing diversionary tactics to hoodwink his perceive enemies. After 3 months Miguna Miguna will be back as Raila attack dog. This smoke alarm was to confuse those people attacking Raila after they discovered he had a hand in discrediting the IIEC.

  4. Even before this artical, one thing already in the open was that there has been a collaboration between the office of PM  through Miguna and CEO of IIEC to discredit the chair of IIEC and influence who will lead the org.Through thick and thin, RAO is using all in his political arsenal good and bad  to win next year’s election.Let miguna continue with his job since the damage to the office of PM is already done

  5. Kuria must justify after all why he is paid. I cant read substance in the whole literature save for what he thinks. As a spokesman am shocked he was reminded and prompted to respond. My opinion…. shameful performance.

  6. Am surprised you did not see it coming this way. It has nothing to do with Miguna’s misdeeds; just a diversionary tactic by Raila to deflect the attention from him that he was the hand that was destabilizing the IIEC. So when Hassan and team came out with guns blazing, Raila had no option to play the ‘misled’ king and sacrifice one of his own to perpetuate himself. My honest opinion: here we have someone worse than Moi in dictatorial tendencies.

  7. Just another confirmation of what some of us have been prophesying all along.

    And that is that Raila Amollo Odinga Son of Adonijah a.k.a. Sanamu alias Jakom will NEVER be the President of Kenya. N-E-V-E-R. You can take that to the bank.

    Poll ratings at 30% and still plummeting. He can be governor in Luo Nyanza since they worship him so much.

    1. Is not a must for MM to advice Raila. Is it not Raila who asked Miguna to come and Advice him on coalition matters? He Raila feels MM should go, that is his decision. It is am embodiment of ignorance of the highest order to learn that MM did not know he would go this way. Never underrate any person including Raila. You may find yourself under his leadership and you will have a problem accepting this and end up hanging by your words.

  8. Miguna has lost the Battle.Do not dance your victory jig just yet.Be very wary of disgruntled reformists,when he comes back,there will be hell to pay.And he will come back Mr Kuria,stay assured of that.

  9. Ati “Why I’m Not Celebrating Miguna’s exit” and then you proceed to blow hot air and dance a jig, bure kabisa.

  10. Kuria, being another ”spokesman’, whatever that means, just confirmed my worst fears; that you have never and never will get this right. Celebrating the unfortunate misfortunes of ‘your brother’ smacks of evil heart/roho mbaya. No wonder you are representing a Party of National Unity where unity is a foreign word

  11. PNU!!!!!!! whatever that is? Mr. Kuria is the spokeman and who the leader of PNU…Kibaki, Uhuru, Saitoti, Kalonzo, just what is this PNU thing? Political conmanship…Bure Kabisaa.

  12. Moses, greate article. U may remember, Bethwell Kiplangat had just arrived at JKIA from Madagascar where he had buried his mother-in-law, only to be told that Moi had fired him. Many had similar experiences. So, in this day, to have Raila fire someone via media with no respect of informing him or asking him to resign.. then having Raila’s cousin (Midiwo) give unfounded justification for the suspension is just worse than Moi era. Raila likes 2 groups of people: yes men and his relatives. If ur independent thinker like Orengo and Miguna, watch ur back. Just ask Omigo, Ruto, et al.  U wonder what his presidency would be like!

  13. Kuria is just Kuria!! Kuria is just Kuria!! Kuria is just Kuria!! Kuria is just Kuria!! Kuria is just Kuria!! Kuria is just Kuria!! Kuria is just Kuria!! Kuria is just Kuria!! Kuria is just Kuria!! Kuria is just Kuria!! Kuria is just Kuria!! Kuria is just Kuria!! Kuria is just Kuria!! Kuria is just Kuria!! Kuria is just Kuria!! Kuria is just Kuria!! Kuria is just Kuria!! Kuria is just Kuria!! Kuria is just Kuria!! Kuria is just Kuria!! Kuria is just Kuria!! Kuria is just Kuria!! Kuria is just Kuria!! Kuria is just Kuria!! Kuria is just Kuria!! Kuria is just Kuria!! Kuria is just Kuria!!…has one job responsibility and enjoys attacking Raila and Luos with pungent hatred

  14. Moses Kuria, the best lines that I have read from you is to acknowledge that Miguna Miguna has a better brain than you do.

    Otherwise being a PNU mole, we don´t expect to read any honesty between your lines let alone credibility. That Miguna Miguna is a younger version of Raila Odinga is utter nonsense and not well substantiated. I mean, there were many people with diverse opinions when we were drafting our constitution. Raila Odinga favoured a parliamentary system because of the democratic vibrancy that comes with it…there were fellows who admired the “ante-status quo” masquerading as reformers..The document which was later approved is actually more of a Parlimentary than the Presidential system..

    Your article, though you said it indirectly, insinuates that the likes of you are the winners over the suspension of Mr. Miguna Miguna which clearly has nothing to do with your allegations about him. Kenyans are intelligent than how you rate them, Mr. Kuria.

    Last but not the least, I believe you can perfom better than this particular article, Moses.

  15. Moses, it is said ‘Ukiona mwenzako ananyolewa nywele, chako kiweke maji”. You will be next to be shown the door. Stop shedding crocodile tears mourning the departure of MM!

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