If you are looking for DJ MO say in a jail, hospital or another country, you may not find me. Beside the Kikuyu Ballard singer Sammy Muraya, I also go by the same names though we have no relations whatsoever ever. Promise. But from the name, I coined my Dj name, Mo!

I was not always a DJ. My love for good music saw me do a short stint as a rapper and a street dancer. I met DJ Nevz and through Spinrej I started working my way into the DJ I am today. With Spinrej I got gigs at Hope FM, HOT 96 and later the first DVJ on KTN’s Off tha Hook show. I left Spinrej in 2009 to form SYSTEM UNIT with Alemba, Sadic and Hey Z.

Soon after, my love for music pulled me into the world of serious DJing and I entered my first DJ battle 2010 Mfalme; this proved to be something grand. With a prestigious panel of judges, including Djs from CodeRed, Inferno and MOB a show case of talent was inevitable. Considering I was the only Christian DJ to make it to top 10 of over 200 DJs country wide, that was my ultimate test.

My combination of trust in God, my passion for music and DJing skills helped me to take on the challenge. I was first runners up…controversially. If there’s a ever a time Romans 8:28 applied in my life was then… Romans 8:28 tells us that all things work together for good, for those that love God and are the called according to His purposes. So every day I wake up and say “I will trust You today”. No matter what may come my way. Things do happen for a reason.

I didn’t fret and I let it slide. A few days later I would be crowned Groove awards 2010 winner, got a deal for my own radio show on Capital FM called the SOUND and a gig on NTV as Crossover 101 live DVJ.

On top of that, I have played in some of the biggest Gigs in Kenya the in 2010- 2011 season..Groove party that was attended by an almost 40,000 revealers, Safaricom face off, 20,000 and Coca-Cola open happiness concert over- 15000 and other major tours around the country.

I would later win many other firsts and in 2011 I was nominated for the prestigious TALANTA awards that happen annually in USA, and won.

its now in 2012 that am in involved in Talanta awards launch tour which has been goin round in almost 10 cities including Ohio, Washinton DC,Richmond VA,KANSAS,PA,Washinton DC,NEW YORK,Raleigh NC, St Lois MO,Seattle and Washington state .#GlorytoGod

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