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Dead Dignity #Poetry


I sing a lonely song to the moonlight
The only closest company I may ever have tonight
I hum to the echoes of the winds that blow
Composing a symphony only I will ever know,
Or will anybody else hear it?

Give me the chance to obtain my biggest profit
A currency paid in form of a listening ear
If ever I have the capability to renounce this great fear

I am just a girl,
A girl yearning to be free
Mine me out from societal detriments, and simply let me be
The girl that I know I want to see
Will never be so until you let me be

Papa, Oh Papa
If the moon is to turn over to face the day
How I wish I’d have a road map to guide as I run away
Away from the shackles of an undesired earthly eternity
To please a society that makes merry from impunity
My hands and feet you view as currency
You glare at the sight of apples dangling down a tree
Ripe and sweet for your remedy
Punishing me to be lower than a slave
At the expense of my only choice, that God gave

Mama, oh mama
You are a woman like me
Out of his bone and flesh, your unity bore me
But I wonder, oh Mama, while you sip your tea
While you huff and puff your anger like the raging sea
While you watch my walk
While you teach me how to talk
While you effortlessly chatter away with devious maids
Reminiscing on the ransom you freely paid
I wonder,
Would my pain make you shutter, or pierce like a blade?
Or would you suppress your guilt, celebrating societal upgrade?

I’m not grown up Mama, though I have to do so now
Stripped of my valid dreams Papa, I give in to a senseless vow

There’s a flower that blooms from within my soul
A burning flame that seeks to light the world as a whole
The city never sleeps, neither do I
My mind rants like volcanic activity, I hardly shut an eye
Lest I miss a glimpse of hope that could come my way
To awaken my dead dignity, buried everyday

I see that girl, that girl I know I can be
Beautiful, fully grown and ultimately free
Mama, Papa, you too could also see
If only you’d awaken my dead dignity… just let me be
Free! Free!
Awake, alive and free!

This is a piece written to cause awareness and fight against the menace of Early Marriages. Every girl child does have a right to a normal growth pattern. Stripping one of them of their dreams and ambitions by marrying them off early does in no way bring any development in society. Join the fight against early marriages- be a voice for the voiceless, as loud as can be, for there’s someone who needs you in order to be free!

Namwano Shichende :Born Again Christian, that has a lil' bit of every personality, but i rock it all the way. Loves to be the voice, of the voiceless. I write what I see and feel, and share what goes on around me. I speak my mind, I try and speak yours as I put myself in your shoes...hoping that someone will listen and come to your rescue. In simplicity...I KEEP IT REAL!