Corpse ‘too fat’ for morgue

A funeral director was forced to keep a body in her hearse overnight with the air conditioning on after she was told the corpse was “too fat” for ta morgue.


Funeral director Joanne Cummings was forced to store the body in her hearse overnight after the Hedland Health Campus in Australia told her the corpse was “too fat” for their fridges at 200kg.

Miss Cummings then had to refill her petrol tank three times in order to keep the air conditioning running in the vehicle all night.

The morgue explained that they are currently looking to install equipment that will be able to handle heavier bodies.

16 thoughts on “Corpse ‘too fat’ for morgue”

  1. This is a biased lobbyist article. Manufacturers, like everyone else must pay taxes, instead of cheating cheating the rest of us to subsidize them via all manner of tax exemptions. Everyone pays 16% – we have a broader and fairer tax base The key is to become more efficient – as efficient as your competitors out there – which will result in overall economic growth and development. So, close down the business if you will, others who can run theirs better will soon take your place! – which is all the better for the common good.

    1. But Mzee Kibaki never raised any taxes for kenyans, instead he zero-rated farm implements and inputs and removed taxes on food so that almost every kenyan could afford. His development record supursed even Moi’s. This so called digital leadership is A FARCE. It will only breed resentment. They are reversing the gains attained by Mzee Kibaki by introducing unnecessary taxations especially on consumer goods. The KAM leadership is only painting the grim picture of reality.

      1. Were they (KAM) not complaining of a complex tax regime? Now it has been made simple what the problem? Why should chicken from brazil be cheaper than just local produced. Something must be wrong with our production line

        1. Yes something is wrong with our production line… the cost of inputs ie chicken feed is now up by 16 % thanks to the VAT!

    2. As per the article, I see those that are hurting most are small scale farmers, jua kali artisans and the like, and not manufacturers, how would they gain an edge over cheaper imports which probably enjoy subsidies and the like from their governments out there?

      1. That’s what the lobbyist writer would have you believe. The farmers etc are. merely a mask. The real complaints here are industrialists seeking to benefit from tax waivers and restore old loopholes.

    3. Dear Honest Kenyan. the only benefit to manufacturers from the VAT law is reduction in administrative complexities and ease of refunds. As input VAT can be claimed back. Where VAT has been imposed on supplies, this has been passed on to consumers as VAT is a CONSUMPTION tax. Where consumers refuse to pay higher prices, producers of those goods will be affected. AS it is right now, the most affected businesses are small businesses who cannot claim back the VAT they paid.

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  4. I am very happy to see KAM painting a grim picture of the reality on the ground as VAT is indeed adversely affecting several businesses. I however wish to remind KAM that at the time when most of the other sectors were opposing the VAT 2013 Bill, KAM (and KEPSA) was at the forefront of supporting the Bill.

    What has happenend to bring about this about turn?

    1. Patriot – KAM still supports the Adminstrative reforms in the VAT law that reduced complexity and gave more clarity on how to work out the applicable Tax. We also support the reduction in the number of items that are Zero-rated that attracted those refunds.
      However, this article is not about the impact of those administrative reforms. It is about failure to consider who would be affected and impact on competitiveness. When you make products exempt – producers cannot charge VAT on them but have to pay VAT on their inputs. So they pass on the full impact to consumers – who of course would not want higher prices. So we see a reduction in demand or shift to cheaper products – probably imports or illicit goods. This has happened in the case of agricultural inputs. The impact on business – especially small businesses is dire.

  5. I sell Eggs and have well over a 1000 Chicken. Before September I could not supply all the orders I had, today most orders have been cancelled especially from the supermarket chains who are finding eggs from Uganda cheaper.

  6. While revenue is important for any nation, VAT regime in Kenya has been at best, foreign and patently anti-people. Armchair business people who designed it from the onset, had no good intentions for the country but theirs. There are numerous reasons for saying that. Raising revenue for government should NOT be anti-business or anti-people. Of course, since way back in 1993, businesses are supposed to make their returns before or on 20th of the following month, or inform KRA you wont meet the deadline. You are then charged 3% or more for that delay for amount due. In other words, KRA starts milking the cow before the owner! Thats NOT busines-friendly and is totally absurd!

    Most business, nearly 70%, is done on credit. And as most business people know, payment for such must be within 30 days or even more. Infact, commonest period is 90 Days – 3 Months! A new business blessed with alot of tenders MUST therefore look for money outside the business to pay KRA within the specified period. Law of this nature is wickedly colonial. Since it has very little regard for general well-being of the country. A law that suppresses business is colonial, because it refuses to let the country grow. It must be noted colonizers never gave a damn whether we economically grew or not. They knew they were developing their economies back home and what happened to locals/natives mattered very little, if at all. Independent Kenya has been rigidly operating in those same same anti-business perimeters!

    Colonial laws have NEVER EVER been removed from our statutes, let alone from our minds! Those laws were anti-country and I guess, thats why our growth was arrested at our formative stage. Need I say that we are happy with foreign Somalis running shows in eastern Nairobi and other major towns. But council Askaris wont allow that innocent poor Mama who sells greens on pavements to raise her children! Whose husband might have died of poverty several years back. We never hesitate to destroy or burn property for our poor people. However, as it was always with colonizers, we never tire in promising those very same people better life that never comes!

    Kenyans are now the most taxed people on earth. But we are far from being satisfied with that. Every available item is headed for taxation! However, fruits for that heavy tax are no where to be found! Its about time, tax regime was completely overhauled. We have been measuring ourselves against Asian tigers that we were at par with 50 years ago. But no one has tried to understand our huge economic policy differences.

    In Asian tiger countries, policies are strictly geared towards improving the lives of all citizens. Leaders are ever ready to die not only for those policies, but also for their respective countries. In Kenya, the situation is totally in the reverse. Kenyans are willing to die for personal wealth and NOT the country. Thats why council Askaris are repeatedly sent out to deal with those who are “spoiling our businesses!” No one realizes everytime you destroy property, you destroy part of Kenya. Unemployment is just too high for the country to afford these heartless antics. Those willing to do business MUST be encouraged by state to continue. They should only be given areas of operation in form of “free tax sites.” Of course, taxing a small lots banana seller doesnt make sense at all.

    Finally, we all need to rethink all our laws for most of them are rooted in our anti-people colonial past. When laws and policies are inividualistic, the country retards. We need laws that are people-friendly, business-friendly and nationalistic. Why is it that ALL OUR LAWS ARE MERELY FOR PUNISHING? Holding on ANTI-PEOPLE past for better of very few MUST BE DISCARDED SWIFTLY TO MAKE THE COUNTRY GROW. Yes we can!!

  7. Common sense tells you that a country should support production. At this rate, there is no need to have a Cabinet Secretary for Industrialisation and Enterprise Development if every new business idea is subject to a retro tax regime. Simple things tell you the fellows at Treasury have been told – we are spending so much – find ways of raising money. In the process we are killing the goose that has always laid the golden egg.
    Secondly, the tax collected when spent in procuring government goods is based on a law that says “lowest qualified bidder” and not “competitive market price”. Let me put that in caps – LOWEST QUALIFIED BIDDER and not COMPETITIVE MARKET PRICE. This means that If three people bid to supply biros to the government and A quotes 54, B quotes 52 and C quotes 53 for the same biro, B will be awarded the tender. The sad thing is that biro even when extravagantly priced costs 20 bob. Even given the cost of credit at 30%, I still think the government “overspends” on purchases by 40% – 70%, and that does not include the wage bill.
    Simply we are living in a country where we are taxed from the womb to the grave without representation.

  8. Tax exemptions and subsidies especially VAT only serve to benefit a few people. VAT is never your cost. All you need to do is to pass it to the customer. In my opinion, the writer is being subjective rather than objective in her argument as she represents one side of the divide. What we need is tax reform that satisfies all parties.

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