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  1. i do agree with your opinion.your main points do describe the current situation in kenya…its not getting better-maybe it will take worse to get good.unfortunately the turn of events recently and past have turned kenya into calamity zones which all could be avoided. manmade catastrophies are kenya’s signature to the world of a broken system.kenya is a jungle itself-all mechanisms of governance died long ago…

  2. I truly appreciate Mary Kimonye’s article on “Man made disasters not good for Kenya’s image”. Clearly we are a people whose value systems have degenerated to nothingness.
    The question that one begs to ask is, “how we can we possibly recreate a value system that will return our human dignity?”
    When a citizen scramble for subsistence to the extend of painful death, eliciting animal-like behavior, testifying to the saying that hunger knows no bounds, then we should worry, for  we have ceased to exhibit any semblance of humanity.

    John Gikima – Nairobi

  3. . The truth of the matter is that this “ordinary wanicinch” have taken the cue from the top. Senior Government officials continue to steal tax payer money and they get to keep it. Infact they continue to get richer and more prosperous. The head of state has his head of in the sand as they steal. He will protect them and return them to ministerial posts even before investigations are over. The other “principal” seems to have given up and is only interested in survival. So Kenyans are just copying them. Why can’t i steal some fuel if so and so can steal billions and keep his ministerial post?

    1. That is such a lame excuse – how about personal choices – kwani what was the dead slum dweller eating or his source of income the day before the pipeline leaked? Ni ujinga sio umaskini

  4. I enjoyed the reading until you brought in “God”. Kenyans and Africans must put aside “gods” for a moment and let common sense reign.  We have a very bad way of doing things. When we fail to use the same brains that incidentally “God” gave us, we cry to the same creator. Lets put God aside and let common sense reign and stupidity thrown out of the window.
    Madam Kimonye, i know you do not want to annoy your masters; But tell me why people are in the slums?? These stupid governments must bring people out of poverty and these accidents will not happen. The problem is that those leeches in govt perpetrate poverty so that they can dominate the masses…a proper obedience to the 48 Laws of Power

  5. Thanks for your insightful piece, Madam Kimonye. My opinion is that Kenya is at its height as a FEW MEN EAT THE REST SOCIETY.
    Majority of our people have no means to meet their basic needs. The worst thing is that they have been excluded from gaining opportunities for self advancement by a clique that monopolizes power and influence.
    Kenyans struggle to take their kids to school but when they graduate there are no jobs.Kenyan youth want to engage in productive work, but there are no jobs. Most people with money (most of it stolen from public coffers) are busy investing in real estate- this does not create jobs.

     I am worried that our people cannot afford at least 2 meals a day. That they have no chance to make an honest living. That they cant afford medical care. We want thieves who have looted public coffers jailed and made to pay back (I cant wait to see Gichuru and Okemo loose all that ill gotten loot).

    I am not worried by Kenya’s image right now. In fact I want the REAL image of Kenya to be known all over the world – at least this way there is hope. For the ICC, Interpol, Jersey etc can come for our big time crooks – people who have been untouchable as they brought our once proud nation to its knees. 

    1. Rubbish – I have witnessed heart wrenching poverty in Bombay and Calcutta slums but not a soul will pickpocket or mug you. It has nothing to do with poverty it is about our FREE WILL and the choices we make

  6. Thank you Madam Kimonye. I am one person who is really mindful of our image as you have outlined. Whenever I pass through the airport or border points, watch news I try to put myself in visitors shoes. When moving around out cities I feel like getting out of the car to go and move the heaps of garbage I see around, it is sickening that people heap the garbage and sit next to sell their wares, then there is this issue of values. Why do we resist orderliness. This applies from the top leadership of the country, yes it does! Why do they officiate semi finished, substandard projects? Why has the government failed to enforce sanity e.g on our roads? How can a sane person steal relief food? How does a leader steal money made for the education of poor children?  Why do the citizens resist law and order? People protest damaging every good thing around? It doesn’t solve any problem. I can’t totally blame the government but there is need to be able to enforce regulation for safety, order and national image. All this implies that we are going through moral decay and hence need to address the matter right from the top and urgently. Godly principles would address all the above.

  7. ‘Kenya is dealing with myriad of challenges and in this particular instance one could point at; erosion of etiquette, poor work ethic, impunity and disregard of ethical conduct’ SPOT ON Mary..we can blame neighbour, pipeline, government, mother, father whoever but it boils down to that one sentence.

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