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Ali Kiba seduces fans on new single

“I never make music to compete with anyone; people compete with me and my music” – Ali Kiba

It was never going to be easy; but with his latest release, Ali Kiba has proven once again why he remains the undisputed King of Tanzanian music.

Having just released his single “Seduce Me” after a long wait; we see a sexier, more gritty Ali – a departure from his natural calm, humble and friendly demeanor; something that has won him rave reviews and caused the single to rush to the top of the charts in both Tanzania and Kenya where he’s firmly implanted in people’s hearts and minds.

Despite the abundance of music in Tanzania, it was a breezy affair with the song easily crossing into the International Market based on the quality production which at one point featured Luis Fonsi’s global hit “Despacito” fusing seamlessly into bongo flavour complementing Ali’s unmistakably smooth velvety vocals.

His fans, from across the region have fallen in love with the hit with one saying that he only creates timeless tracks which would be impossible to imitate whereas in the notoriously hard to penetrate Kenyan market, he remains our irreplaceable Tanzanian brother.

Seduce Me was released on Sony Music Entertainment – Africa and Rockstar 4000 on August 25th 2017

Watch Seduce Me Here

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