31 reasons why I’m happily dating! #TheAlternative

The date is 22nd May 2014 and a new blog post appears on Capital FM [READ] 50 Reasons Why I am single and loving it!

The author of the post by the name Wanja gives along list of why she is single. Going through it, I felt compelled to respond because most of the reasons were based on selfish motives and personal challenges. It sounded to me like this person was writing from head knowledge and they have never tasted the joy of being in love and being loved back.


Human beings are relational creatures, we are naturally wired to relate and find warmth in the fellowship of others.

I went through the article which had 50 reasons why she was single. Most of them are repeated but a number of them did not deserve any response.

So here are my 31 reasons why I’m happily dating!


  1. You have the entire bed to yourself because you are upholding purity and waiting for a ring to share your bed with the one you love
  2. You can watch movies, documentaries, read books together and enjoy the company of each other. Watching TV alone everyday is too boring.
  3. You don’t have to fight for any remote because both of you have learnt the art of compromise
  4. You are happy to meet her parents because they trust you and you treat their daughter like a queen
  5. You can flirt with anyone but you will not because you appreciate exclusivity in a relationship. When there are more than two in a relationship, it is done.
  6. Even though you can have sex with anyone, including your love; you wont because you respect your body and you are faithful. True love waits.
  7. You can go anywhere you want but you choose to tell someone you love because you care & not that they hold you back.
  8. You can talk to whomever you want and your love will not feel jealous because you have mastered the art of respectable boundaries.
  9. There is relationship drama but both of you are mature enough to move past them. After all, there is always sunshine after the storm.
  10. Anniversaries and birthdays are thanksgiving days and you don’t need a lot of money to show love. Their company is enough. It’s the gesture behind the motive that counts.
  11. We need to talk more moments might freak you out but you know that after them, there is growth in the relationship.
  12. You love a visionary person so where is this relationship going question is appreciated. You would not guess the direction your relationship is going if you don’t ask
  13. Your phone becomes an open book because trust wont make you check out your partners’ phone
  14. You genuinely care about your partner’s friends because they were there before you
  15. Your partner does not have to worry about you spending the night out with your friends because they are progressive.
  16. You don’t need to fight for anything, the art of sharing is at the core of love.
  17. You excuse yourself to go and fart because it’s the definition of etiquette, but if it happens, they don’t judge you.
  18. You’ll always long to spend the time with the one you love. A bad day with them is better than a good day alone.
  19. You both love purity until you don’t make any provision to test your sex drive. Even though you might feel the urge to have sex, self control intervenes
  20. You seek permission to go out because you value accountability
  21. You become emotionally intelligent to your love and ensure that you respect their mood variations.
  22. You still can meet new people because as a couple you believe in the power of networking without strings attached. Only insecure people will prevent you from meeting new people.
  23. You will have some peace and quietness in the house because you know that both of you are individuals who needs time alone sometimes.
  24. You don’t have to lie to anyone because both of you are truthful and the foundation of your relationship is based on trust
  25. No silly argument about what to make for dinner because when they come over, you are eager to cook for them and share whatever meal you have before they leave. Eating a meal together is more cherished than anything else.
  26. No more feeling insecure because the one you love affirms you and you know what God says about you; You are fearfully and wonderfully made.
  27. You develop genuine interest in each other’s hobbies so that through them you grow closer. What a better way to enjoy activities than with the one you love? Balling, foosball, skating, movies, road trips etc are not individual based activities.
  28. No one compares you to anyone because you are unique and loved unconditionally. That energy they spend in comparing you with others should be invested in investing in each other.
  29. Things will remain the way you left them in the house because you respect each other’s taste and preferences.
  30. You don’t mind low moments in a relationship, they are normal. After all, the adventure of love is in the mountains and valleys that you face
  31. The temptation to live your life recklessly might be there, but because you are not selfish, you become more careful and value your partner’s emotions.


You can date and not loose yourself in the process, love is too powerful not to be shared.

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