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Ali El-Hefny, Egypt's former ambassador to China./Xinhua

Focus on China

Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan condemned by African leaders

U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently defied warnings from Beijing and landed in a military aircraft in Taiwan,  becoming the highest U.S. official to arrive on the island for an official visit in more than 20 years.

Her visit has been termed as a serious violation of the one-China principle and the provisions of the three China-U.S. joint communiqués.

Ali El-Hefny, Egypt’s former ambassador to China./Xinhua

“The visit ignores the fact that Taiwan is an integral part of the People’s Republic of China. I see that such a visit is provocative, implying evasion of the one-China principle and implying support for the separatist tendency of some Taiwanese,” he said.

The former ambassador said that it will lead to more tension in the China-U.S. relations.

“The main purpose of such practices is to affect China’s rise that we have been witnessing over the past four decades and the progress made by China in certain fields, particularly high tech, artificial intelligence, space technology and other fields,” he said.

“The Taiwanese citizens are part of the Chinese people. Sooner or later, Taiwan will be reunited with the People’s Republic of China regardless of the attempts of others to equivocate about this principle,” he concluded.

Jubilee Party Secretary General Raphael Tuju./CFM-FILE.

Raphael Tuju, executive director of Azimio la Umoja — One Kenya Coalition Party, said Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan is a despicable act of provocation against the friendly Chinese people, and the move is irresponsible, outrageous and reprehensible.

In messages addressed to the International Department of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, the political parties also voiced firm support for China’s efforts to safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity.

The U.S. leader’s visit to Taiwan breached the one-China principle and aimed to disrupt China’s peaceful development process and maintain the U.S. hegemony, said Fred M’membe, president of the Socialist Party in Zambia, adding that peace-loving people of all countries must condemn such a move.

Eritrea also published a press statement on Thursday condemning the visit. “At a time when the flaws and follies of its global policy have become more apparent, and in an attempt to ramp up its policy of containment of China, Washington has concocted the provocative visit of House Speaker Pelosi to Taiwan with all its perilous ramifications.  The latest act is but a continuation of reckless policies that the US Administration has pursued in the past years in Asia to advance this singular objective,” the statement read.

Cedric Thomas Frolick, National Assembly House Chairperson for South Africa said that Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan is a clear intrusion into Chinese domestic affairs.

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Cedric Thomas Frolick, National Assembly House Chairperson for South Africa./Parliament South Africa

Frolick maintained that South Africa will continue, as it has stated in the past, to respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the People’s Republic of China. South Africa will uphold the one-China principle, and believes that there is only one China in the world. “In that respect, the government of China is in Beijing, and it is led by the Communist Party of China,” he added.

“The United States has a responsibility as one of the superpowers in the world to ensure that world peace is being maintained. And it is the responsibility of politicians to exercise the necessary restraint, so that we do not have further flares ups of tension that can result in conflict,” Frolick said.


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