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Opinion: Why 10bet portal launch is great news for Kenyan punters  

The popular online casinos and betting site “10bet” has recently announced that they have plans to launch their services in Kenya. Of course, this is amazing news for those who love online casinos and betting in Kenya, in which said people only had limited options when it comes to similar services. but it is also great for a variety of other reasons.

Sure, it may seem a little out there to suggest that an online casino and betting site opening up for Kenya is going to make a big difference. However, after reading this article, the reasons why it is the case become seemingly obvious.

In this article, we will be telling you why we think the launch of 10bet in Kenya will do much more than just provide another alternative for Kenyans to bet or play games, and in fact, it may have larger ramifications than most would think.

Becoming Included in the Developing World

It may not seem like a big deal to most, but the fact that a popular online casino and betting site has decided to open up its doors to the people of Kenya shows a lot more than what meets the eye.

For one, the fact that a company like 10bet Kenya has decided to open up, which is a service that revolves around online entertainment, goes to show that there is beginning to be a shift in the way the world views Kenya.

Previously, businesses would tend to steer clear from countries like Kenya, deeming them an unsuitable place to offer their business services for a wide variety of reasons such as the misconception that there are no modern areas in Kenya and that very few people have access to things like the internet.

However, as you may know, this is just not the case.

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Sure, there are definitely areas in Kenya that can be considered some of the poorest places on the planet, but there is also a plethora of locations that have similar technological capacities to cities in the west.

Companies are finally beginning to acknowledge this fact, and there has recently been a ton of developments in Kenya such as the recent news that Kenya will now be opening up to off-shore investors.

All of this combined goes to show that Kenya is no longer being treated as a technologically inept nation, and the fact that new companies and businesses are choosing to set up in Kenya is great for both Kenyans and the businesses.

A Diverse Selection of Sports and Games

So, now that we have been through the business side of things and why 10bet is potentially a sign that indicates the changing public perception of Kenya, let’s bring things to more local terms, and talk about why 10bet launching in Kenya will be a great thing for the people.

10bet will give the people of Kenya access to all of the most popular betting sports and online casino games that one could ever imagine.

This is not only amazing news for Kenya’s because of this fact on its own, but it’s also extra beneficial for Kenyans because they seem to be extremely limited when it comes to entertainment services, mostly due to all the reasons we listed in the previous section.

The people of Kenya are in dire need of online entertainment services and sites, and the fact that 10bet is not only one of the most popular betting and online casino sites but also one of the most highly-received, is going to be a great fact for both the people and bet10.

The people of Kenya will now be able to get access to a site that is ranked among the top sites on which lists all of the best and most reputable betting sites, and 10bet will get access to a relatively untapped market, gaining a vast number of new users and fans.

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Due to the reasons we mentioned throughout the article, it becomes seemingly obvious as to why the new venture by 10bet is going to have a big impact on Kenya.

Not only is 10bet going to provide a vast number of people the opportunity to access a reputable and popular betting and online casino site, but it may just change the way people view Kenya, and it may encourage other businesses to follow in their steps.

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