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Wanted police officer Corporal Caroline Kangogo who committed suicide on July 16, 2021. She was wantd for the murder of her two boyfriends in Nakuru and Juja.


Wanted cop Caroline Kangogo commits suicide to escape arrest over murder of 2 people

NAIROBI, Kenya July 16 – Fugitive policewoman Carolin Kangogo committed suicide Friday morning to escape arrest over the murder of two people-both her boyfriends.

According to police, Kangogo has been in hiding until Friday morning when she is reported to have gone to her parents’ house in Elgeyo Marakwet where she locked herself up in the toilet and blew her head off.

“She has committed suicide, she shot herself in the toilet at her parents’ home,” said George Kinoti, the Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI) whose team was tracking her.

Kangogo escaped from a lodging in Juja last week, after allegedly shooting her boyfriend dead.

They had booked the room together for the night but she fled at midnight, after duping workers there that she was going to a nearby shop.

Reports from police later showed that she was wanted for the murder of another of her boyfriend whose body was found slumped in a car.

“It is unfortunate that she opted for suicide, we wanted her to face justice,” Kinoti said.



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