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Dr David Matsanga is the Chairman of Pan African Forum. He is a Political Scientist and International Conflict Resolution Expert.

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Jubilee Party must learn from Goberchev and collapse of USSR

By Dr. David Matsanga

Millions of Kenyans have chided me to make my position known about the win of UDA on Thursday in the Kimbaa by-election. I had chosen to avoid the subject and ignore the tormentors, but the shift of focus and the way my name has been dragged along with those Kenyans affiliated to President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Jubilee party has emboldened me to put the record straight.

I am also a believer and reader of the Bible for the last 45 years. I have looked at Proverbs 17:28 “When even a fool bites his tongue he’s considered wise. So shut your mouth when you are provoked— it will make you look smart” I will shut my mouth on matters that cannot be discussed in an open fora like this. But warn my Kenyan friends about the dangers that are real.

I was one of the millions who watched over TV and listened to the speeches made by members of UDA (United Democratic Alliance), the party in yellow colour like NRM-O Party of my elder President of East Africa HE President Museveni of Uganda.

I have been silent for a longtime and tried to avoid the debate. But I have been tempted to answer back and put the record straight so that I am not misunderstood or taken as a coward. I have applauded the way the main loser in the by -election in Kiambaa Kariri Njama accepted the verdict of the people even when the margin was small.

I do have respect for such people who uphold the constitution and honor the democratic routes in their hearts. This was a noble decision in Kenya given the past history. It is a regard of honoring the rights of Kiambaa people to choose their own person. That is good democracy.

I was yesterday VINDICATED on a number of issues that I have for the past 6 years told some of my Kenyan top Jubilee Party friends. I have said time and again that DP Ruto is a duplicate of NRM -O YELLOW PARTY of Uganda and it looked that nobody wanted to take my views on board, which was normal because there was no serious proof then.

But the events of a win in Kiambaa are not only important to the people of Kiambaa but very significant to Jubilee Government of President Kenyatta to evaluate the role played by external funders in the region who have links to DP Ruto. His friendship with the Ugandan Ruling Party NRM-O and its leaders in terms of funding and bankrolling of his UDA new party activities MUST worry every expert in the region .

I believe that Politics is a dynamic game and it really deceives at times and the Kenyan Government might not have seen this coming . The ego and bravado by DP Ruto and his United Democratic Alliance because of a mini election is astounding. The words expressed at rallies after the win speak volumes and remind me of the words spoken by President Museveni in 1981 after  the 1980 rigged Election of Uganda in which I cast my vote for the first and last time in Africa.

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I have been on record telling my Jubilee Party seniors that we should avoid the Perestroika syndromes of Gorbechev that destroyed the Communist Party in 1989. The regrets that the Communist Party had are far reaching today and the world witnessed the collapse of a great Empire . Jubilee Party needs to do fatigue evaluation considering tougher routes to stabilize the ship which is turbulent waters.

I have wondered where on earth does this happen ..DP Ruto and members of the new UDA party are using state resources, holding office privileges and earning from the same Jubilee government. YET they spend their time and energy crisscrossing the country undermining the same government to the core . What TYPE of hypocricy and cowardice is this ?

I know that Kenyans will tell me and have done so on a daily basis that there is democracy in Kenya , which I admit.  But DP Ruto must not be allowed to misuse the same democracy and the same government resources to fight the President and the same Jubilee government policies.

The sabotage of BBI , the current sabotage of IEBC, the current sponsor of Judicial wars against President Kenyatta’s, the derailing of policies are part of the schemes employed ahead of the 202 elections.

I am the only Ugandan (foreigner) friend of both gentlemen who stood firm when nobody in Kenya including those enjoying UDA fruits wanted both Uhuru and Ruto out over the 2008 post election violence over the ICC matters.

I have never changed my position on ICC and I will oppose it up to the end of my life on earth. But what amazes me is Ruto has fallen in love with the tormentors of yesterday and forgotten the route of UNITY of PURPOSE that can stop any further forms of crisis in future.

I will not shy away from warning any leader against  balkanizing the country using social class.

Why do our leaders forget so easily the toxic political and tribal environment that was created back in 2007 that led to violence and loss of lives? Instead of correcting this they are making more mistakes.

I a am an East African and what affects Kenya will affect me directly or indirectly. Kenyans don’t need war drums and petty politics now. The country needs an atmosphere of calmness, peace and unity. That’s what my friend President Uhuru Kenyatta is trying to promote. The need to change Electoral laws and put up referendum that can clean the mess.

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I have been in Kenya long enough to understand the local politics of class in Kenya. President Uhuru Kenyatta has been trying to fix corruption menace and other evil challenges while leaders around him keep undoing every policy with his constant bickering and putting the country in an election mood of 2022 all the time.

I want to be on record and say that just as I have refused any political ideology linked to my tormentors in Uganda, I will not be a party on earth that can be associated with a Party or outfit in Kenya that is bankrolled by my tormentors for 36 years.

The dream for a greater East African federation are being lined up for succession politics in Kenya. The fear of Raila Odinga becoming the President in Kenya is becoming real with some leaders in East Africa.

That is why the Railaphobia is being used to scare off people in Mt.Kenya region. Raila’s name was used to scare voters.

I have been lebeled and referred to as a political destitute but even as it stands today a political destitute has his own values. I have mine. I will not support DP Ruto for now or in future because I have given my reasons above.

My values are to speak out the truth that sets me true all the time. At 65 years, God has saved and protected me from evil.

I am aware that Kenyans might not have had the experience of huge war that is created by few elements who hate UNITY or who lead others by using STOCKHOLM SYNDROME. This fear and mind poisoning is embedded in some of the parties.

The DP is part of the same scheme to torpedo Jubilee policies before the President’s legacy ends. He has openly gone into President Kenyatta’s home to break it. Few days ago DP Ruto said that President Kenyatta was wrong on failure of appoint six judges recommended by the Judicial Service Commission.

I plead with Kenyans that as you count towards 2022, do not throw away these notes. They will soon prove me right.

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If I am wrong time will tell.

Dr. David Matsanga is a Conflict Resolution expert and Chairman of the Pan African Forum.


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