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Dr David Matsanga. /CFM-FILE.


The People’s initiative is sovereign

By Dr.David Matsanga in London UK

I always rise up on topics that matter to Africa.

Kenya is a beacon of Africa. Kenya is a hope for generations to come. The truth is that what is happening in Kenya as far as constitutionalism is concerned is puzzling.

I have always wondered why the right gets it wrong and the left doesn’t get it at all. Sincerely that is what is happening with the group led by my friend Hon. Aden Duale. They have no right or left they swing in both ways. They wait until things are bad and then come in with archaic ideas.

As an African, I wonder why we suffer yet we have plenty of good ideas. A smell political chicanery and an attempt to hijack the BBI by a group of members of parliament suggesting that changes to the constitution can be made through parliament is toxic and silly.

I stand by the truth and say that some of our elite in Africa are warped. Interestingly, some of these parliamentarians have been engaged in opposing the BBI process from day one.

To the best of my knowledge, the BBI pocess is on course despite the temporary lull occasioned by the High Court decision.

The fact that the government has lodged an appeal in the court of apeal should be clear enough that the bus has only taken the climbing lane. Soon, things are going to stabilize.

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The attempt to hijack and contaminate the document is being camouflaged as a replica of the 1997 IPPG process.

This is dishonesty of the highest order calculated to change the character, spirit and contents of BBI. The same Tanga Tanga group that refused to support the BBI process from the begining led by their master want to hijack a process and fail it.

Ironically, the group championing the parliamentary route is the same gang that was loudest in arguing that people were not sufficiently involved! They went around the country interrupting the proponents’ educational and public participation rallies and now their master has told them to hijack it.

How comes they are now arguing for total exclusion of people from participating via a plebiscite? This political conmanship and mischief should be called out! The people of Kenya are sovereign and have a right to go up to the final court SCOK to seek opinion.

It’s also important for these guys in Parliament to familiarize themselves with provisions of Articles 255, 256 and 257. Once they do that they will realise that the key reform aspects of BBI require people’s validation through a referendum.

This idea of Hon. Aden Duale must fail! Kenyans must know who the paymaster of these gang is! He has opposed everything and now his shouting puppets are all over the place and on Television trying to bring something fishy. I want to thank the former Prime Minister Raila Odinga and President Uhuru Kenyatta for rejecting the new ideas of Aden Duale &Co .

The Parliamentary team is also trying to play psychology with the country by creating a defeatist perception to the general population by telling Kenyans that the appeal process will fail!.

The people’s initiative remains the people’s initiative. We know the vultures of George Soros are waiting for a kill but Africans will not relent in the fight against such regime change activism.

Dr. David Matsanga is the Chairman of the Pan African Forum (UK) Ltd.

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