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Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir speaks during the India Africa Forum Summit at the Indira Gandhi sports complex in New Delhi, India, Thursday, Oct. 29, 2015. (AP) Photo/Bernat Armangue)


Sudan condemns Ethiopian forces for new “aggression” on Sudanese lands

KHARTOUM, Sudan, Feb 15 – Sudan condemned on Sunday Ethiopian forces for their new “aggression” on Sudanese lands, without providing the specific time.

“Sudan condemns the aggression of Ethiopian forces on the lands legally belonging to Sudan, which was a direct violation of Sudan’s sovereignty and territorial integrity,” said the Sudanese foreign ministry in a statement.

The Ethiopian aggression was also “a violation of the values of neighborliness and positive interaction among countries that enhances stability and security,” the ministry added.

It demanded Ethiopia immediately stop its encroachment on Sudanese territories and ensure completion of the re-demarcation of the borders as agreed upon, while holding Ethiopia fully responsible for the consequences of its “aggression.”

Since September 2020, the border between Sudan and Ethiopia has been witnessing rising tensions and skirmishes between the two sides.

Sudan accuses Ethiopian famers, backed by armed forces, of seizing Sudanese border lands in Sudan’s Fashaga area and cultivating them since 1995.

The border area of Fashaga between Sudan and Ethiopia, one of the five localities of Sudan’s Gadaref State, often witnesses deadly attacks by Ethiopian militias during the preparation for agricultural season. 

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