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Map of Mozambique showing areas affected by Islamist insurgency, Renamo opposition bastions and gas blocs.

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Zimbabwe must watch the conflict in Mozambique with keen interest

By Dr.David Matsanga in London UK

I have followed the conflict in Northern part if Mozambique. The rapidly growing armed conflagration in Cabo Delgado province, Mozambique, is not your ordinary disgruntled citizens taking up arms– there is more than what meets the eye beyond the religious toga being waved!

I want to state here, and firmly, that this is a conspiracy owned by powerful faceless billionaire criminals, on a very dangerous mission far from the actual war theatre.

Treacherously, chance and time, place this conflict into this mineral-rich town, in Mozambique as a facade to hoodwink the undiscerning, who will recklessly and unknowingly throw the infamous line “oil-curse”, a term erroneously used world over to sanitize conflicts in mineral-rich regions.

Of course, the war profiteers, are not your ordinary dull wits; they are not leaving their footprints or any red flag. They are smart, very sharp, and in their midst are a strategic think-tank and intellectual warriors tasked with inventing and deploying the best red herrings and coys to distract the public. Hence the whole psychology of starting this conflict in Cabo Delgado.

Evidently, this is molded on a mish-mash of the 2014 Maidan revolution in Ukraine and the Arab spring. The people behind the Maidan revolution in Ukraine in 2014 was 73-year-old nation-destroying war criminal Dick Moris; a known factotum of 90-year-old regime change entrepreneur billionaire, George Soros.

The kind of arms these ISIS thugs in Mozambique carry, the battle-hardened spirit, and the overriding philosophy mean there is a powerful mafioso pulling the strings from his hideout, and the actual target is not the rubis in the gas-rich town, but Zimbabwe several miles away.

To start with, the USA president based on available evidence from the CIA has severally blamed George Soros for funding and orchestrating recent deadly violence in the USA, especially those related to the communist-leaning proto- terrorist outfit ANTIFA.

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Soros has moved allover profiting from the chaos of failing states. Nobody knows this better than the Prime Minister of Hungary, Victor Orban. Hungary has shut anything and everything to do with Soros atop declaring him a persona non grata, permanently banned from the nation.

As part of this evil plot, Mozambique, in whole or section of it; is supposed to collapse, to enable Zimbabwe dissidents to access weapons and training grounds.

Of course, Zimbabwe shares a 1, 231 Kilometers border with Mozambique, most of it is mountainous with huge caves which can easily provide a safe cover for these regime change gangsters to launch an incursion into Zimbabwe to overthrow President Mnangagwa.

This concept is not new in Africa.Examples are several. Why Zimbabwe?

I believe the CIA and its operatives have reached a dead end on Zimbabwe. The sanctions have failed to achieve its original aim of regime change. On the flip, opposition MDC-T has been completely unable to defeat ZANU-PF at the polls.

These people are going nuclear, with the option of a regime change through incursion. To achieve this, the best partner they could get to form an unholy alliance is billionaire George Soros. This is an evil symbiotic alliance, where one sells his country to a war criminal in exchange for power.

Their long-term objective is to create chaos across Zimbabwe. Once Mnangagwa is toppled they can come and loot minerals, forcefully grab all the arable land and redistribute it to the whites, then make Zimbabweans slaves or second-class citizens in their own country.

Zimbabwe has the second-highest gold reserve on earth or square kilometers, with 13 million tonnes of proven deposits. It also boasts the second-largest platinum group minerals in the world estimated at 2.8 billion tonnes. Then is diamond at Marange among other high-value minerals in the world.

I, therefore, submit that the war in Mozambique is sponsored by countries that want regime change against the next neighbor Zimbabwe. President Mnangagwa must stand firm, and put his intelligence and military or red alert. They have failed to win with SANCTIONS now they want to defeat through ISIS scare in the region.

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The writer is a Political Scientist and International Relations with Conflict Resolution Expert bias, an investigative Journalist and a Pan African based in Surrey London, the United Kingdom.

Twitter @Dr.David Matsanga


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