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Left to right: DP William Ruto, President Uhuru Kenyatta and Opposition chief Raila Odinga during the launch of the first draft of the BBI law review in November 2019/CFM


Of Uhuru-Ruto frozen relationship and the Raila matrix

NAIROBI, Kenya Oct 25 – Kenya’s deputy president William Ruto is being sidelined by his political allies in what analysts say is a concerted strategy to block the ambitious leader’s promised elevation to the top job in 2022.

A marriage of convenience brokered between Ruto and President Uhuru Kenyatta to assure them victory in the 2013 and 2017 elections is fraying out in the open, with juicy details splashed each day on the front pages of Kenyan newspapers.

Kenyatta and Ruto “are at loggerheads and although they have not directly sparred in public, their words and deeds indicate a deep chasm between erstwhile bosom buddies who ascended to power in 2013 with boisterous glee, pomp and glamour,” the Daily Nation wrote in an October 10 editorial.

President Kenyatta reacts to the Supreme Court ruling in 2017 when it was nullified and a repeat ordered. /PSCU

The alliance has been crumbling since Kenyatta stunned the nation by striking an unexpected deal with his longtime rival Raila Odinga, pledging to work together to promote unity after a drawn-out 2017 election battle between the two left dozens dead.

Known universally as “the handshake”, the March 2018 pact between Kenyatta and Odinga eased the political violence but saw Ruto’s relevance dwindling as the new partnership took centre stage in State House.

Uhuru and Raila are enjoying a close political relationship following their March 2018 handshake. /PSCU-FILE.

– ‘Feared leader’ –

Ruto was brought into the fold in the aftermath of the 2007 election to reconcile political and ethnic violence that erupted between his Kalenjin supporters and Kikuyu voters backing Kenyatta.

In exchange for reconciliation and guaranteeing his support in the 2013 and 2017 elections Ruto — a 53-year-old leader renowned for political cunning and determination — was promised the ruling Jubilee Party’s candidacy in the 2022 vote.

However Odinga, a 75-year-old opposition veteran and former Ruto ally himself, is now emerging as the likely successor to Kenyatta, who cannot run for a third term.

The shifting alliances represent “growing pressure from family members and leading allies around Kenyatta to say that power cannot be transferred to Ruto, reflecting the concerns of many Kikuyu voters”, said Nic Cheeseman, a political scientist at the University of Birmingham.

“Ruto has a reputation for being somebody who is prepared to use violence and among the Kikuyu community, and many others, people are worried about what he would do if he had absolute power. He is the most feared political leader in Kenya,” he added.

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Visible and influential during Kenyatta’s first term, Ruto hardly appears in public anymore on behalf of the government, his absence magnified by the prominent rise of Odinga in his stead.

December 30, 2020; President Uhuru Kenyatta (centre) and his Deputy William Ruto (right) and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga (left) during the presentation of the first draft of the BBI report at State House/PSCU

His gradual erasure from the public eye “began with some of his supporters being charged with corruption, and him not being invited to particular meetings”, said Kenyan political analyst Nerima Wako Ojiwa, adding: “It’s accelerating.”

In October, the Jubilee Party formally proposed removing Ruto as its vice president while police have banned his political gatherings after clashes between pro-Ruto and pro-Kenyatta youth left two people dead.

DP William Ruto has lately cut an image of a sidelined leader in government. /FILE.

Ruto’s marginalisation also comes as Odinga and Kenyatta pursue constitutional changes, with a list of proposed reforms unveiled Wednesday in a much-anticipated report, including the creation of a position of prime minister.

The amendments seek to address the cycles of violence around election time, but have spurred rumours that Kenyatta is angling to become PM through a 2022 alliance with his erstwhile foe Odinga.

– Hustlers and dynasties –

The vote is still two years away but leaders are jostling for the limelight as headlines are dominated by the electoral race — where Ruto appears the only ‘opposition’ candidate.

Deputy President William Ruto addresses a crowd in Embu on October 18, 2020.

Ruto, analysts say, is trying to position himself as a man of the people, one at contrast with an adminstration preoccupied with its own future during a pandemic that has hit the poor hard.

Trying to appeal to voters beyond his Rift Valley stronghold, Ruto has claimed to speak for the “hustlers” trying to make ends meet under the leadership of “dynasties” — a thinly veiled reference to the Kenyatta and Odinga families anchored at the heart of Kenyan political power since independence in 1963.

“The problem is people who live in ivory towers, who don’t understand the challenge of ordinary people,” Ruto said recently.

Murithi Mutiga, an analyst from the International Crisis Group, said Ruto “was running a very peculiar campaign by Kenyan standards”, appealing to class instead of ethnicity, an approach worrying the political establishment.

Deputy President William Ruto has been donating equipment to the youth to empower their business, in what his office said targets 5,000 youths. /DPPS.

Ojiwa said the strategy would be to embarrass and frustrate Ruto by whatever means possible so that he would resign, thereby avoiding more drastic measures to usurp him that could kick off fresh waves of political and ethnic violence.  

“But he is too stubborn for that,” Ojiwa said.

Kenyatta has lately consolidated support from other parties, including KANU and Wiper Party in what many see as a strategy to make his Jubilee Party more appealing to Kenyans as he and Odinga start campaigns for the BBI report which was handed to them in Kisii last week.

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A formal unveiling of the report is scheduled to take place Monday at the Bomas of Kenya, where experts who drafted it led by Senator Yusuf Haji will seek to explain in details what is entailed in it.

President Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga display the BBI report handed to thm on October 21, 2020 in Kisii.

Focus will be on Ruto, whose close allies have indicated that he will be issuing tough conditions for him to back it, including outlining clear roles of the Deputy President’s office, eventhough he will not benefit from them but for posterity since he is eying the top job.

The BBI report has outlined various constitutional changes while introducing an imperial president who will choose a Prime Minister and two Deputies.

It also provides for the position of a Prime Minister. Ruto’s allies have said the two top posts were specifically created for Kenyatta and Odinga, pointing to it as the reason Ruto is sidelined.


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