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Dr David Matsanga is the Chairman of Pan African Forum.

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Maraga is a man on a mission

By Dr.David Matsanga in London United Kingdom

This week marks exactly 161 years since British novelist Charles Dickens wrote “A tale of two cities”. In it, Charles wisely observed:

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times; it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness; it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity; it was the season of light, it was the season of darkness; it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair.”

Kenya finds itself today in such a dicey season–unpredictable and potentially dangerous! A mixed season poisoned by judicial hooliganism from none other than the Chief Justice David Maraga himself.

The wise men who sagely observed that “a fish rots from the head”, have been vindicated. The judiciary fish is rotten in the head, and the stench is beginning to suffocate the country.

The recent advisory opinion to the president by the Chief Justice, directing him to ” dissolve parliament” had three key components 1. A recipe for chaos 2. Intentionally provocative and 3. Proof that Maraga is a stalking horse, a puppet, a stooge used by external forces to trigger the slow painful destruction and death of Kenya–these dark masters want to turn Kenya into a dystopia, a failed state like Afghanistan. And 4. Further proof that freedom of expression is too overrated.

For keen observers of history, Maraga’s stint at the helm of the judiciary has been disastrous, disgraceful, and bellicose. This man has been baiting the president for a fight, always, making ridiculous rulings designed to incite the president into a fight.

He has been spoiling for it ever since he threw the presidential election of 2017 out on some technicalities that made no legal or moral sense.

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Since then, it was clear Maraga was a man on a covert mission, like a mercenary being deployed to stir the waters and deliberately disrupt president Uhuru’s administration.

Maraga has done what pleases NGO mafias like billionaire George Soros. But they must be watching too many movies, playing too many video games, and reading excess of Chinese war strategies.

Their Corona scaremongering failed to wipe-out Kenya as they had earlier predicted through their megaphones in the media, and now they are back with Corona season two.

President, Uhuru Kenyatta, must now wake up to this reality. His opponents are ever scheming, plotting, waiting to scatter his hard-built legacy. Kenyatta must realise that there are many of his supporters who are loyal during the day and elsewhere at night.

In the Chinese “36 Stratagems of War”, is a principle ” Kill with a borrowed knife”.

From throwing out the president’s victory hoping for a rerun where Uhuru would be defeated. This failed.

Then he went about frowning about cars, demanding to be allocated high-end Mercedes Benzes, with engines of a military humvee.

During this time, Maraga suspended justice in courts, like Herod’s wife until the “head of John the Baptist” had been brought on his table. Whatever happened to his strong religious background and oath of service to the public!

Then the current opinion, where Maraga knows that:

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1. Logically, dissolving parliament will automatically lead to bad general elections and chaos

2. Financially, Kenya is currently not in shape to hold a general election.

3. Constitutionally, the current President will not be qualified to contest for presidency under the guise that he will have finished his two terms in office. This was was the main motive

4. Practically, tossing the nation into a Constitutional Crisis. To dissolve parliament and rewrite the term of office of a President, Art 255 (1) (f & h) states a referendum as a prerequisite of such a change.

.It would mean, Kenya will need a referendum to effect the dissolution of parliament and head unto an election as Maraga wants. Meaning two general elections in succession. What a plot that will back fire,?

Maraga must not be allowed to lead Kenya with him down this path of perdition.

Maraga is a fake hero with a fake opinion!

President Uhuru must never underestimate the efforts of this quisling and his masters from hell. He must strike hard deep in the enemy territory by standing against those in the earth and near him who are supporting Maraga .

God bless Kenya

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The writer is a Political Scientist and International Relations with Conflict Resolution Expert bias, an investigative Journalist and a Pan African based in Surrey London, the United Kingdom.

Twitter @Dr.David Matsanga

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