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Analysts believe France is still colonising some countries in Africa.


We must stand up against modern-day slavery by France in Africa

By David Matsanga in London

What happens in French territories, such as Cameroon, pains every African; I want to stand tall and high by saying that France has gone further, and captured us at AU and we are left helpless. We have been left helpless when Ambazonia is bleeding.

When God created man, he intended from him to enjoy all the luxuries that the earth had to offer whilst obeying his laws. God equipped the earth with all that is required for a good life, in his generosity he intended for man’s life on this planet to be truly comfortable and satisfying.

However, over time it came to be that some people sought to, and actually, rearranged God’s plan in some communities; history is replete with incidents when man chose to make life comfortable for some at the discomfort of others. In one of such deeds, Europe invaded other lands, colonised them, and made the inhabitants their subjects.

The natives served their new masters by helping them reap and transport their natural resources out to meet the needs of the invaders’ home industries. Despite God intending to provide comfort for all, some men took it upon themselves to enforce suffering upon others.

Freedom which was originally given to all men by the creator was taken away from some by others, thus imposing servitude and dependence on some of God’s people. As if subjugation and exploitation were not enough, the utterly bizarre and inhumane practice of the sale trade saw the light of day.

Thus, unlike the image of God which man is supposed to reflect, the Europeans showed rare barbarism evidenced by the human slave trade. An unthinkable form of inhumanity floated on the Atlantic, taking men and women into bitter bondage and the ungodly image of God was manifested into those slavery days; after God made man, some men made slaves.

You can ask those who have toiled over the years in cocoa farms for the European’s confectionery for meager pay. The degree of freedom for each territory depended on how much the coloniser wanted to let go; if the colonial country still required more of the colonised country’s resources, it made freedom unattainable.

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You may especially ask anyone living in francophone Africa. France sat tight in those territories and declared that they had left; a type of mentality was transmitted into the psyche of those that France colonised, making them believe that their well-being depended on France.

France continued to keep the citizens of such nations as subjects and slaves, they continued to do so to date. France does not end there; they seek to, and actually make, citizens of other nations with whom they had no historical links with their subjects and slaves.

This is done through the intermediary of its dominions as it is evident in Western Sahara through Morocco, and in the former British Southern Cameroons (Federal Republic of Ambazonia), through the French Republic of Cameroun (La République du Cameroun).

France occupies Ambazonia, using the La République du Cameroun as its proxy; France sponsors the ongoing genocide in Ambazonia; the British Southern Cameroons never had any historical links with France.

Today, not only is the learning of the French language forced onto pupils in Ambazonia’s schools; it is becoming the language of instruction. The administration is more than 80% in French, despite Ambazonians not being French-speaking and therefore, being unable to understand the language well.

The call to remove France out of Africa has good reason and is timely. Although it is delayed, considering that the harm caused by France is huge and Africans known it well, the time is now and let it begin now.

All Africans, without exception, must answer the call and rise to send France out of Africa. Help Ambazonia. It is bleeding heavily.

God bless Africa

The writer is a Political Scientist and International Relations with Conflict Resolution Expert bias, an investigative Journalist and a Pan African based in Surrey London United Kingdom.

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Twitter @Dr.David Matsanga

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