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This Land Rover Discovery was discovered in Juja but the owner Dafton Mwitiki is still missing.


Family of missing Nairobi businessman want DCI to take over the search operation

NAIROBI, Kenya, March 15-It is the fourth day since Dafton Mwitiki mysteriously went missing, though police have since recovered his car dumped in a thicket within Juja in Kiambu County.

Mwitiki is said to have left his Kilimani restaurant, which he operates, at 10.30 pm. He was last seen driving out in his Land Rover Discovery.

At 9.15 pm, Mwitiki spoke to his wife Betty and did not sound distressed.

“It was a normal conversation about us and our family, he did not sound disturbed,” she told Capital News on Sunday.

Mwitiki, who is in consultancy and business in Nairobi, shot to the limelight during the January 15-16 2019 DusitD2 terror attack after his photo alongside Starehe politician Steve Mbogo holding sophisticated guns went viral.

The city-based businessman, with a daytime and night job, had not intimated on his friends or family members of any form of threat to his life.

That is why they are optimistic that he is still alive and are pleading with members of the public to share information that might lead to his whereabouts.

But where did Mwitiki go after he left his restaurant on Wednesday night?

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Detectives are yet to retrieve CCTV footage at the restaurant to help track his movements and data from mobile communication service providers.

A team of friends, mostly members of the National Gun Owners Association (NGAO) visited the scene where his car was found, as anxiety heightened over his safety.

It is an area surrounded by expansive coffee farms with a mega dam.

On Thursday, a team of over 100 people among them rescue experts swept through the entire area and did not find anything.

His car doors were not locked- but inside was a cardholder and his jacket.

-Expedite investigations-

Every minute that passes, Mwitiki’s wife said it is “hard for the family” and has pleaded with members of the public to share any information that might help them reunite.

It is even agonizing for her because of their two sons, who are becoming inquisitive by the day.

“They already know he is missing because of the increased traffic in our home,” a teary Betty said.

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She spoke at the Juja Police station flanked by relatives and friends, keen to know the progress of the ongoing investigations.

Senior officers were not available to comment on the case.

As a result, the family now want the DCI to take over the search operation.

Sammy Onyango, his friend for 9 years and a member of NGAO, said the matter was also reported at Kilimani and Muthangari police stations.

“He is a person who is always there for everyone. The biggest question we have is who would want to harm Dafton?” he wondered.

He said detectives drawn from SCPU should take over the matter, citing the slow response by officers based at Juja Police Station.

His car was found less than 7 kilometers from General Service Unit’S (GSU) Recce squad training school, an area described by Onyango as a dark spot.

“Every month, bodies are recovered here,” Onyango said.

He urged detectives to hasten the retrieval of CCTV footage along the highway as part of his search.

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