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Sonko waives single business permits for youth and PWDs

City Hall, the Nairobi County Government headquarters. /CFM-FILE.

NAIROBI, Kenya, Feb  1 – Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has issued an Executive Order waiving Single Business Permits for all new businesses for youth and Persons living with Disabilities from February, in what is seen as a political strategy to win his place back in the ruling Jubilee government.

In a statement, Sonko stated that as youth and people living with disabilities try to improve themselves and their lives by setting up businesses, but their dreams are often cut short due to expensive licenses and permits they must acquire.

“Each year, many of our youth and persons living with disabilities seek to establish businesses in an effort to put their passions, knowledge and skills to use as well as to fend for themselves and their families. However, one of the greatest impediments to the realization of their dreams is in the many licenses and permits they are needed to acquire from different levels of government,” a part of his statement states.

“This letter, therefore, instructs you to procedurally waive all licensing fees for new businesses registered by youth and people living with disabilities for a  period of two years from the date of registration,” he said.

He further urged them to ensure they comply with other requirements and provide proof of adherence to all other professionals, occupational, health and safety standards before waivers are granted.

The Nairobi County Chief, who is facing corruption charges, pointed out that his directive was in line with President Uhuru Kenyatta and the National government’s commitment to improve the ease of doing business in the country and creating employment for the youth.

For one to start a business in the country, he/she must comply with for legal requirements. They include business Name or Company Registration, City Council Business Permit, Food/ Health-Related Permits and Fire Safety Certificate.

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