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Nubians say 2 days in a week not enough to apply for IDs

NAIROBI, Kenya Feb 19 – The Nubian Rights Forum (NRF) have asked the government to allow applicants seeking national identity cards from the marginalized group more days in a week as is the case with other ethnic groups nationwide.

The forum said the two days in a week currently provided for are insufficient given applications in other parts of the country can be made on all working days.

Speaking during a press conference on Wednesday, the head of the organization Shafi Hussein said this will ensure Nubians have a chance to acquire the document, register for Huduma Namba and ensure access to government services.

“It is only Nubians who can access or apply for IDs two days a week, while other Kenyans can apply Monday and Friday, anyone who wants to testify can go to the Chiefs office on Tuesday and Thursday,” he said.

Fatuma Hussein, a Kibra resident revealed that her daughter has not been issued with her identification card at the age of 30 years.

“My daughter has not been issued with her ID, yet she is30 years, every time she goes to the chiefs she asked to provide her grandfather’s birth certificate and grandmothers ID, she cannot  even register for Huduma Number without providing proper identification,” she stated.

The organization on Wednesday filed an appeal against a judgment of the High Court in the National Integrated Identity Management System (NIIMS) case on January 30.

NRF had earlier appealed to the high court to stop the implementation of the Huduma Namba until the government enacted appropriate and comprehensive legislative and regulatory framework to guard against the violation of the rights of privacy and ensure it was not used to exclude people from acquiring government services.

However, the court determined that the process used to enact laws establishing NIIMS was constitutional, even after admitting the process was rushed.

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According to NRF the judgment by the three-judge bench was unconstitutional noting not all Nubians were registered as they are required to have identification documents which not all have.

“We are concerned the High court refused to appreciate the plight of the Nubian community, including the fact that many members of the community will be excluded from accessing government services because past discriminatory acts by the government that left  them without identity documents,” head of organization stated.


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