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Mzee Moi loved meat, Senator Gideon tells congregation at State memorial  

Moi died on February 4, 2020 aged 95/FILE

NAIROBI, Kenya, Feb 11 – Late retired President lastborn son, Senator Gideon Moi, Tuesday fondly remembered his father’s most striking moments at the national memorial service held at Nyayo National Stadium, describing Moi’s appetite for meat as exceptional.

Gideon told mourners of a time he reminded his father that the Doctor had prohibited him from taking meat, a reminder that President Moi dismissed.

“There is nothing that could come in between my late father and meat,” he recounted.

Senator Gideon who read the tribute on behalf of Moi’s children, described the late Moi as a loving and compassionate father.

He said despite the responsibilities the president had, he still found time to be a wonderful father.

“Despite the responsibilities of State that he carried on his shoulders everyday he still fond time to be a wonderful father, he loved his friends and family yet as a family we accepted that he gave his life to something that his bigger than himself, the service to Kenya,” stated Gideon.

Moi also loved watching wrestling, Gideon said.

“Apart from watch Billy Graham on TV, Mzee loved watching wrestling and was one of the Big Daddy’s ardent fans,” he said.

Gideon said the family is overwhelmed by support they have been receiving from the country and across Africa since the passing of their father on February 4.

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“As a family we have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of love, compassion and support you have shown to us, you continue to carry us as a family and as a family we are indebted to you,” he said.

Moi’s eldest surviving son, Raymond, delivered the eulogy detailing his father’s political career, and family life.


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