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Chinese Ambassador to Kenya warns companies against taking part in corruption

Chinese Ambassador to Kenya Wu Peng during a past event at the embassy. /CFM-FILE.

NAIROBI, Kenya Dec 13 –Chinese Ambassador to Kenya Wu Peng has warned officials in Chinese companies operating in Kenya against taking part in any form of corruption.

Ambassador Wu, who spoke during the China Africa Energy Cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative, said any official engaging in corruption will face prosecution not only in Kenya but in their country as well.

“Any Chinese companies based in Kenya must follow the law, the Chinese enterprises will not only face the authority in Kenya but also the Government back at home,” Ambassador Wu said during the event held in Nairobi.

China -Africa energy cooperation founded under the Belt and Road Initiative is geared up to provide more opportunities through knowledge transfer for sustainable development in Kenya and the continent.

Renown analyst Peter Kagwanja said the energy cooperation with China will help bridge the wide gap in the energy sector.

“Chinese have the best technology, they while help in turbine technology which is exactly what we need as a country,” he said.

He said the Chinese companies will help Kenya and Africa at large to have renewable energy by having natural resources thus looking forward to Africa and China working together to ensure they close up the gap between those with energy and those without

“Out of 1.2 billion people half have access to electricity, while 53 percent of the people do not have electricity,” Kagwanja said.

China National Petroleum Corporation and Chinese companies (CNPC) is set to build and expand positive influence in the country as well as deepen international cooperation and build partnerships that will enhance Africa’s economic development in the new global energy landscape.

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Officials said, China- Africa energy cooperation, especially in the oil and gas sector, has achieved favorable results and greatly promoted socio-economic development in Africa, which forecasts promising cooperation prospects stimulating the promotion of the Belt and Road Initiative in Africa in return.

During the event, speakers were emphatic on the need to have a shift in sustainable and clean energy solutions in Africa, with calls for greater collaboration and enormous investment to further deepen engagement especially on resource area cooperation along the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) according to CNPC.


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