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Over 200 enumerators down tools in Kilifi over unpaid allowances

The enumerators rejected calls for dialogue by Mtwapa area chief Rose Kadenge saying they had not been given airtime allowances and logistical support/CFM

MOMBASA, Kenya, Aug 27 – Over 200 census enumerators and supervisors in Kilifi County on Tuesday downed their tools over delayed allowances.

The youth, who were recruited by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS), to undertake the enumeration exercises said they have not been paid Sh2,100 training, airtime and transport allowance.

According to Subira Mbodze, the Mikanjuni area supervisor, all supervisors were supposed to be paid Sh16,500 for transport for supervision of all enumerators within their area, given an additional Sh1,100 for airtime and an Sh2,100 allowance during the seven-day training of enumerators.

“When we went on and ask for that money, some of us were summoned. On Monday, we walked to Deputy County Commissioner’s (DCC) office, but we were told to wait until noon for our monies to read in the account. Today morning, we went and checked our accounts, but nothing was deposited,” she said.

Mbodze however said some of other enumerators and supervisors within Kilifi have already been paid.

“We do not understand why some are being paid cash, while some of us have been asked to wait to be paid via bank accounts. There are supervisors are coming from far. We want to know, if the money is available or not. Other counties have already been paid,” she said.

Supervisors also complained of buying materials, including chalks, using their money.

“Surely, is this census my father’s exercise or a government exercise?” posed Mbodze

An attempt by Mtwapa area chief, Rose Kadenge, to force the youth back to work failed.

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“This is so embarrassing, go back to work…. People are only paid after work is complete. You have also been informed that the payment is done in phase, so please go back to work,” she said.

However, the youth shout her down, forcing the area chief to walk away.

“We need allowances, we were told money was to be paid by yesterday, but we found nothing in our accounts. We are waiting for that money,” said Nicholas Mwomoya.

Mwomoya said when they started the training, they were told they will be given the money during training, but that did not happen.

“We have patiently been waiting for our money. But nothing is coming through. The government is supposed to give each enumerator only Sh2,100. But we are very worried, if Sh2,100 is nowhere to be seen, where will Sh23,000 for the whole exercise come from?” he said.

Sanga Mwamuye, a content supervisor, said this is a clear indication that no census is ongoing in Kilifi County.

“I want to send this message to Kilifi political class, if census fails here, there would be no resource allocation to this region,” he said.

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