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Kenya Police Reservists help tame insecurity in the country – Ruto

Appreciating the fact that insecurity was hampering the transformation of some parts of the country, the Deputy President said the reservists will augment the work of the police/DPPS

NAIROBI, Kenya, Jun 9 – Deputy President William Ruto has said the government is working towards a plan that would see the Kenya Police Reservists help tame insecurity in the country.

Appreciating the fact that insecurity was hampering the transformation of some parts of the country, the Deputy President said the reservists will augment the work of the police.

Speaking in Baragoi in Samburu North Constituency on Saturday during a women empowerment meeting, Dr Ruto said the new plan would be informed by leaders in regions facing the problem.

“Our hope is to see every part of Kenya more stable and fertile for people to live in and businesses to operate from,” he noted.

Dr Ruto challenged local leaders to forge a working relationship instead of engaging in baseless supremacy fights.
“We have space for only bettering the lives of Kenyans. We must work together and collectively direct our energy towards making Kenya better,” he observed.

While asking Kenyans to shun the politics that is not based on development, the Deputy President said women must be given ample space to thrive in.

“Women must be put in a place of equity so that we can move forward as a country,” he explained.

Samburu Governor Moses Lenolkulal said any disharmony among leaders had the danger of slugging development.

In particular, he asked Senators to support and nurture rather than fight devolution.

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“I am glad we have come up with a roadmap to make women in this country more entrepreneurial as we also work towards ensuring them prime leadership positions in the country,” explained Lenolkulal.

The Samburu County Chief said the devolved unit was in the process of honouring the recent directive by President Uhuru Kenyatta on pending bills despite the resource pressure that it is facing.

He added that the payment of the outstanding bills will give women and youths in business more energy in their ventures besides giving them an opportunity to expand.

“With more youths in business, and more investments in roads and power connectivity, this region would no longer face insecurity challenges.”

On her part, Samburu Woman Representative Maison Leshoomo said would be transformed faster when women are put at the centre of its development plan.

While assuring Dr Ruto of her support during the 2022 presidential race, the KANU-elected leader said the region would not be swayed by politicians preaching division in the society.

“We are aware of those politicians who do not want Kenya to move forward but to create hatred. They are roaming all over the country talking nothing but about the Deputy President. I ask Kenyans not to listen to them,” she said.
Leshoomo said for the so-called marginalised areas to be at par with other parts of the country in terms of development, security should be intensified.

“The co-existence of communities will usher in a new wave of stability that will see us benefit from each other’s wealth of skills,” she added.

But for this to be achieved, Samburu North MP Alois Lentoimaga asked the Deputy President to fast-track the new plan that will see Police reservists back up the police.

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He said the community was exposed to cattle rustling, thereby denying them their only source of livelihood.

The lawmaker urged the Jubilee family to stick together, terming the current political waves as episodic.

“The ups and downs that we face as a party is part of the democratic process. We must draw lessons from them and strengthen Jubilee as we prepare for the 2022 race,” said Lentoimaga.

Samburu Senator supported President Kenyatta’s directive on pending bills but said the process should not be selective.

“We are aware that the focus might lean on large payments that promise kickbacks. But even small entrepreneurs should be paid. This will help us tame the problem of unemployment,” he said.

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