I’m not mad or high when I say dams will be constructed – DP Ruto

March 2, 2019 4:02 pm
He however cautioned that public officers found culpable of engaging in corruption will have to ‘face the music’/DPPS

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Mar 2 – Deputy President William Ruto has once again assured Kenyans that no public resources will be embezzled as the government rolls out its development projects.

Ruto has in recent days been forced to come out and deny claims that the government lost Sh21 billion allocated for dam projects in various parts of the country.

“Mimi nimazumguza hapa kama Naibu wa Rais, and I am not mad na sivuti bangi… nasema tuko na mabwawa ya maji. Tumelipa lakini tuko na matatizo kidogo ya land compensation. Thwake, Itare, Kimwarer, Arror, hii yetu hapa ya Naro Moru, ya Karemenu hapa Nyeri, hii mabwawa tutanjenga,” (I’m speaking as the Deputy President, and I am not mad and I don’t smoke bhang. We have made payments but we are facing difficulties with land compensation. We will have dams in Thwake, Itare, Kimwarer, Arror and right here in Naro Moru).

“As a responsible government with integrity and a government that is competent, we have made sure that every contract whatever money we have paid we have ensured that the public will not lose any resources; because we have done this in other projects and we will do this for our dams.”

He however cautioned that public officers found culpable of engaging in corruption will have to ‘face the music’.

“I must say this in the open, so that Kenyans are troubled by those who are alleging that the government is presiding over corruption. We are a responsible government and we are a competent government and we will make sure that the fight against corruption will be based on factual information, solid evidence in court and those who are engaged in corruption will face the music.”

Ruto said the government is keen on ensuring that the on-going fight against corruption is objective and is not being used to settle political scores.

“We will equally ensure that our government projects on development shall go ahead without interference from those who want to spread negative propaganda and campaign and profiling using corruption to try and stop our programmes. That I must say that as the Deputy President of the Republic of Kenya,” he affirmed.

The DP was speaking when he joined Catholic Church faithful in Nyeri for the launch of this year’s Lenten Campaign.


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