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Families search for missing relatives following terror attack

According to the Kenya Red Cross, some 50 people are still missing despite the rescue operation having been called off/MOSES MUOKI

NAIROBI, Kenya, Jan 17 – Anxiety and fear of the unknown have gripped relatives and friends of the missing people following the 14 Riverside Drive terrorist attack.

Tens of people were giving information of their loved ones whom they believe were at the expansive complex during the Tuesday afternoon attack at the Chiromo Funeral Parlour.

Immediate family members will be required to identify their kin and give DNA samples to be certain that no family misses a body of their loved ones.

According to the Kenya Red Cross, some 50 people are still missing despite the rescue operation having been called off.

“Please let me talk to you after I am sure of his whereabouts. We are so tensed but hoping all is well,” a friend who was part of a group of five said without disclosing his name.

Their friend Jeremiah Mbatia was at the complex during the attack, they say.

“It’s painful that we’ve resorted to visit the morgue as a final option,” a relative who broke down before giving more details said.

His family is missing more than one person.

While some people could be seen crying others had isolated themselves and were deep in thought.

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“Maybe he is here or at the hospital. We can only wait,” John Kibesh told Capital FM News.

Some were all inquisitive trying to challenge the Kenya Red Cross officials taking information of their loved ones.

“We’re just officials and have to follow protocol,” an official would be heard explaining.

The relatives were questioning why they required more than one sibling to provide information and eventually get DNA samples extracted.

“Maybe they are not of the same father. Let us cooperate,” the official added.

The death toll is currently at 21 after six more bodies were retrieved on Wednesday night at the complex.

Of the dead is a police officer involved in the rescue operation.

The dead Included 16 are Kenyans, one Briton, an American and three people yet to be identified but of African descent.

Police have since arrested two suspects believed to have facilitated the attack.

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