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CoG Chair says Kenyans should unite rescue operations continue

Through a statement, Chairman Wycliffe Oparanya pointed out that everyone should support those requiring medical attention or in need/JOSEPH MURAYA

NAIROBI, Kenya, Jan 16 – The Council of Governors (CoG) has urged Kenyans to unite and help those affected by the terror attack at the dusitD2 Complex along Riverside Drive that occurred on Tuesday.

Through a statement, Chairman Wycliffe Oparanya pointed out that everyone should support those requiring medical attention or in need.

“I join the President and Kenyans across the Country in condemning the desperate and cowardly acts of terrorism witnessed today at the Dusit Hotel on 14 Riverside Drive, where there was bombing and multiple shootings that have left many Kenyans wounded, terrified and some have even lost their lives,” he stated.

While commending the efforts of the security forces and those involved in the rescue operations, Oparanya stated that the attack was a reminder of past dark days where lives have been lost.

“This event is a reminder of the dark days that we have faced before, but as a nation, we will not fret because like previous times we will rise again,” he said.

He stated that the Council of Governors stands in solidarity with “all Kenyans and the National Government and fully support the resolve and tenacity to continue standing up against terrorism.”

“It is time that fundamentalists realize that they can never achieve their objectives by resorting to terrorist activities.”

Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinett had told the country that they are in the process of confirming the causalities of the incident that unfolded from around 3pm.

The public in the meantime was urged to avoid the dusitD2 Complex along Riverside Drive until it is declared safe even as rescue operations continue.

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According to police, everyone especially politicians should not come near the site as it was still a crime scene and was being processed.

They stated that the area around 14 Riverside Drive is still under an active security operation even as more people were rescued last night.

The terrorists, who started the onslaught Tuesday afternoon were said to be holed up at the complex gym and there are reports of gunshots being heard coming from one of the buildings.

Dozens of victims have been rushed to hospital, some badly injured.

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