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Who was with Jowie? Police examine CCTV footage for second suspect

“The images were captured off Dennis Pritt Road as he headed to Lang’ata,” a senior detective privy to the ongoing investigations told Capital FM News/FILE

NAIROBI, Kenya, Oct 8 – Police are now certain that Joseph Irungu alias Jowie, the prime suspect in the murder of Monica Kimani, 28, was in the company of a yet to be identified person on the night she was killed.

Jowie is set to appear again in court on Tuesday after 10 days in custody.

Police say they are following crucial leads that may lead to identification of the second suspect.

Jowie was using TV journalist Jacque Maribe’s car on that night and according to images captured on CCTV cameras, he was not alone.

“The images were captured off Dennis Pritt Road as he headed to Lang’ata,” a senior detective privy to the ongoing investigation told Capital FM News.

Multiple witnesses have since affirmed to detectives that Jowie was at Monica’s apartment in Kilimani on the night she was killed.

Detectives have also established that Jowie, who was wearing a kanzu, used an ID card belonging to a security guard to gain entry to the apartments at Lamuria Gardens.

The guard who has since been questioned said his ID card went missing at a construction site a few days before Monica was killed.

“He told us that he had surrendered his ID, which is the norm for all casual workers at the site but it went missing,” the detective told Capital FM News.

Interestingly, the ID was used at Lamuria Gardens, some eight kilometres away. His colleagues have also been questioned.

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“How did an ID get lost only to be used kilometres away?” one of the investigating officers wondered.

On October 5, an outcome of the DNA analysis turned positive, confirming that Jowie was involved in the killing.

“The DNA results are out and it is a 99.99 per cent match of the samples harvested from Jowie,” a senior detective at the Homicide Unit, who saw the results, told Capital FM News.

“We have no doubt that Jowie was at the scene,” he emphasised, also citing a forensic examination of his fingerprints.

Jowie, Maribe and their neighbour at Royal Park Estate in Lang’ata, Brian Kassaine are all in custody, having been arraigned in court over the murder that occurred on the night on September 29.

Detectives have also established that Jowie, who was wearing a kanzu, used an ID card belonging to a security guard from a construction site to gain entry to the apartments at Lamuria Gardens/FILE

Monica was found in a bathtub at her apartment in Lamuria Gardens in Kilimani, with her throat slit.

Her hands and legs were also tied when the body was discovered by her brother who had failed to reach her on phone and decided to visit the house.

The deceased was murdered on the day she arrived in the country from Juba, where she operated their family business, and was scheduled to travel to Dubai to meet her South Sudanese fiancée, with whom they were reportedly planning a wedding.

Another detective briefed on the DNA outcome said it shows that Jowie may have had sexual contact with the deceased before or after the killing.

“Let’s not dwell much on that because this is part of the evidence we will be presenting in court next week,” the officer said.

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Jowie is expected to formally plead to the murder charge when he appears in court Tuesday among other accusations, including giving false information to the police.

Police said they are yet to decide if to charge Maribe with murder, but are certain that she is guilty of giving false information and aiding Jowie in his cover-up plot.

After allegedly killing Monica, Jowie reportedly went to Maribe’s house, where they lived together, and shot himself after an argument with the TV presenter, but the two reported the matter at Lang’ata Police Station as an attack by gunmen outside their house.

Jowie had been living with Maribe since June this year when he proposed to her.

“We are yet to establish Maribe’s involvement in the murder, if any, but we have a problem with the fact that she helped her boyfriend in the cover-up by washing their house and even painted it to ensure no one ever gets to know that there was a shooting there,” our source, who is actively involved in the investigation, said.

Maribe is also accused of giving wrong information about Jowie’s movements on the night Monica was murdered, and also misled police about the gun Jowie used to shoot himself, which was later recovered in their neighbour Kassaine’s house.

Detectives at the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) said they have since established that the pistol was irregularly issued to Kassaine in 2015 and his license had expired.

This is a charge they are considering against Kassaine and Jowie on illegal possession of a firearm.

It has emerged that Monica was in possession of large sums in foreign currency when she arrived in the country.

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