Boy loses leg in Makueni after negligence at nursing home

October 3, 2018 10:33 am
The boy was allegedly detained in a ward at the nursing home for a week, after a drunk police driver ran over him and his father who died on the spot/CFM NEWS

, MAKUENI, Kenya, Oct 3 – A boy has lost a leg after he was denied emergency treatment at a private clinic in Kilome, Makueni County.

The boy was allegedly detained in a ward at the nursing home for a week, after a drunk police driver ran over him and his father who died on the spot.

After public outcry, the boy was then transferred to a government facility in Wote Town where his right leg was amputated.

Makueni Health Executive Dr Andrew Mutava Mulwa said that the eight-year-old boy had an external fixator done on his fractured right leg and thigh at the nursing home where he was admitted after the accident but due to negligence after the procedure doctors in the facility did not give him good care.

“Clearly, the boy had an operation done on the leg but now the quality of care is what is wanting; there was some negligence in terms of the care,” confirmed Dr Mulwa.

Speaking to Capital FM News, he went ahead to say that the wound that the boy had developed maggots forcing Makueni referral hospital doctors decided to do an amputation on the leg.

‘‘The boy was brought to the county referral hospital on Monday he had gangrene meaning that side of the leg was dying off. The wound was not taken care of and had maggots and our doctors decided the best way to salvage the leg was to amputate it above the knee.”

On Monday evening the doctors are said to have done a successful operation and by the time our reporter visited him in hospital he was recovering well according to the doctor taking care of him.

Dr Mulwa says his ministry has received complaints regarding the nursing home and that sub-county health management team in Kibwezi is undertaking supervision in the facility to ensure quality of health services is of national standards.

A team led by director of medical services in Makueni Town has already been formed to inspect service delivery and give a preliminary report by closure of the day.

“The team is led by Dr Ndolo and I expect to get a report by closure of today’s business. They are supposed to visit the nursing home today”, said Dr Mulwa.

Initial reports indicated that the boy was only given first aid and by the time he was transferred to Makueni, was still in the same bloodied clothes he had.

Makueni residents now want a probe into the matter through the Senate and are requesting the Makueni County Assembly Health Committee to adopt a public resolution to have the nursing home closed and any medical services by the practitioners suspended pending investigations.



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